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TFC Corona Virus Contingency Plan

TFC Corona Virus Contingency Plan

 Phase 1

  • Post symptom guide in exam rooms
  • Develop a landing page discussing Corona for TFC website
  • Develop policies for patients at sign in
    • Brief questionnaire re: travel, fever, cough
    • Optional gloves/masks for front desk personnel
  • Post sign outside front door of building, in elevator, and on front door of offices briefly discussing virus and precautions we are taking and advising potentially affected patients to not enter TFC offices
  • Petition managed care companies to allow reimbursement for phone consultations
  • No employees can come to work with fever (>100.0), new cough, or body aches without being evaluated by primary care. Employees who are out of work cannot return without a note from their primary care doctor.
  • Clean keyboards, phones, door knobs, keypads, switches, counters every morning with approved disinfectant before opening
  • All employees to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every time they enter any of our offices
  • Get freestanding, auto dispensing hand sanitizers for waiting room and other appropriate areas
  • ALL patients need to be queried about travel/symptoms at the time appointments are made and/or confirmed. Any patients responding positively need to be rescheduled
  • Pre-order extra essential supplies
  • Cancel baby visits
  • Convert as many visits as possible to telephone/video visits (preop visits, consultations)
  • Cancel baby reunion (April 19)
  • Have staff clean all surfaces with disinfectant after every patient visit
  • Prohibit all non-patient visits to offices (vendors, outside meetings, etc.)
  • Discourage all non-essential family members or others from attending office visits

Phase 2

  • Mandatory masks/gloves for front desk staff
  • Mandatory temperature for all patients at check in – or preferably in the downstairs lobby
  • Limit office hours
  • Convert all consultations to video conference
  • All non-essential personnel work from home
  • Stop accepting paper money/coins
  • Limit office visits to female patients only (except OB appointments, emergencies, and new patient visits)

Phase 3

  • Close outlying offices (Round Rock, S Austin, New Braunfels, Corpus Christi)
  • Limit appointments
    • Curtail in office new patient appointments
    • Eliminate Clomid/Femara follow-up sonos
    • Limit all visits to female patients only – spouses/family can join by Facetime or other video
  • Encourage phone/Skype consults for all existing and new patient visits
  • Run open offices with skeleton crews – as we do on weekends
    • One administrative person for check-in, check out
    • As few clinical staff as possible