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The Truth about Marijuana and Fertility

What’s the truth about marijuana and fertility?

What’s the truth about marijuana and fertility?When you’re trying to conceive, you start thinking about what you need to change in your life to optimize your fertility. Many people begin reevaluating their diet and cutting back on alcohol. However, not as many people think about the link between marijuana and fertility issues. Our Austin fertility center team is here to explain the results of a new study that suggest you might want to know more about cannabis and fertility.

There may be a link between marijuana and fertility issues

A recent study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health looked at more than 400 women undergoing fertility treatments. The women who were using cannabis at the time (3% of the women) were more than twice as likely to suffer a miscarriage (54%). Researchers compared these figures to the women who never smoked marijuana or who had only used it in the past (26%).

This research suggests that there is a link between marijuana and fertility issues. It is also in line with other studies that found a 29% reduction in sperm count in men and delayed ovulation in women who used cannabis.

A need for research about cannabis and fertility issues

Researchers have only started to scratch the surface with research that explores the link between marijuana and fertility. In fact, only three other studies have looked at what happens to fertility when both partners smoke marijuana. Two of the studies looked at couples who were trying to naturally conceive. One looked at couples undergoing fertility treatments.

The Harvard team stresses that we still don’t know enough about the link between cannabis and fertility. This is concerning because more states are legalizing marijuana. Additionally, more people of reproductive age are using it because they don’t think it poses a health hazard.

The takeaway message about cannabis and fertility

Our Austin fertility center team recommends that patients avoid using marijuana when they are trying to conceive. They should also avoid using cannabis during pregnancy. The evidence from 30 studies shows that women who use marijuana during pregnancy are more likely to have low birthweight babies or have a preterm birth or stillbirth.

Although we do need more research on this subject, it appears that avoiding cannabis use is the best bet for patients who are trying to welcome a healthy baby.

If you have more questions about the link between marijuana and fertility, please contact us. Our Austin fertility center can answer your questions and help you conceive.

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