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Tips for Fertility Financing

Our Austin fertility center team offers tips on fertility financing

Fertility Financing The struggle to conceive a baby can lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment. Numerous tests, hormone injections and repeated cycles can create stress for patients; the pressures of paying for this treatment can also take a toll. At Texas Fertility Center, we understand that the financial aspects of infertility often generate additional concerns for the couples and individuals that visit our Austin fertility center. To help, we assist with financing fertility.

Simplifying the financial components of infertility treatment

With traditional medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and even pregnancy, medical insurance typically pays a considerable portion of patient care. Unfortunately, fertility treatment is usually only partially covered by insurance, if at all. The bulk of the financial responsibility for infertility treatment therefore falls on patients and their partners.

Helpful hints about financing treatment from our Austin fertility center team

Although the costs of infertility can leave you feeling overwhelmed, we want to offer suggestions to alleviate some of the pressure. Consider the following options.

Double-check your insurance plans. Make sure to review the insurance plans available at your company and through your spouse’s employer. The list of covered services, as well as the level of coverage, can change from year to year. Usually, you can select a different plan during open enrollment, so investigate and identify your best choice beforehand.

Conduct thorough research. Once you have selected the best plan, review the infertility coverage. Find out what tests and procedures fall under the plan. Determine if the plan imposes calendar, or even lifetime, maximums for infertility treatment.

Explore all of your options. Because infertility treatment can be expensive, you and your partner may need to look at creative solutions. Borrowing money from family, applying for fertility grants and online fundraising could all provide avenues to help you pay for treatment. In addition, our TFC team can direct you to reputable financing companies that understand fertility treatment and have developed affordable programs specifically for our patients.

Meet with a financial planner. Juggling monetary resources and determining the best financial plan may require additional help, so think about scheduling an appointment with someone who has expertise in this area.

As you work to create or expand your family, the team at our Austin fertility center will provide support throughout the process, including with fertility financing. We can answer questions and offer explanations about the financing options available at Texas Fertility Center. Contact our office for more information.



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