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Traveling During IVF? Expect Delays

traveling during IVF In the summertime, we know that travel plans sometimes trump TTC. That’s great. You can and should take a break from infertility treatment at times. If you have a cycle of in vitro fertilization planned, however, sit tight. We’ll want to see you in our fertility center before, during and after IVF.

If you must travel for work, emergencies or a trip-of-a-lifetime, your fertility team will help you organize your to-do list/

Patients frequently travel from all across Texas, the Southwest and even foreign countries to partner with TFC. We will draw upon our well-established protocols to make it easier for you to travel during fertility treatment.

Your packing list for traveling during IVF will include:

  • A fertility medication schedule to keep you on track. (We suggest taking a picture of the schedule with your phone so you’ll always have an easily accessible back-up copy).
  • Directions to an emergency room or fertility specialist nearest to you. Although serious side effects of fertility medications are rare, our doctors have colleagues around the country and around the world. Your TFC fertility specialist will be able to refer you to another doctor when you are traveling. They can help anything from routine monitoring or a medication refill.
  • Prescription medications in their original containers and a letter from TFC stating the necessity for administering the medication while traveling
  • Supplies to keep your medications at the proper temperatures, and your injection sites sterile (ice packs, mini cooler, gauze, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and a sharps container)

Of course, we always recommend that you check with your airline or the Transportation Security Administration website for updated regulations and guidelines for traveling with fertility medications.

Will Traveling During IVF Affect Pregnancy Rates?

If you must fly soon after your embryo transfer, there is little evidence to suggest that it will have a negative impact on your chance for a successful pregnancy. We do suggest that you stay close to our fertility centers when possible so that we may provide you with peace of mind, personalized care, and prompt treatment if you should need anything.

At TFC, we encourage our patients to seek out relaxation and rejuvenation, particularly during the sometimes agonizing 9-11 day interval between your transfer and your pregnancy test.

Is you need to travel, please talk with our patient advocates about the timing of your fertility treatment cycle, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your travel plans. Contact us to discuss the logistics of traveling during IVF, and what to expect during a fertility treatment cycle.

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