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The Truth About Infertility and Holiday Stress

The truth about infertility and holiday stress

16513267_sAfter helping men and women cope with infertility and holiday stress for more than 30 years, the staff at Texas Fertility Center knows one thing for sure: You can’t avoid it. A packed schedule, family pressures, too much to eat and drink and too little sleep can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Add to that fertility clinic visits, hormonal surges and high hopes for a pregnancy in the New Year and … you get the picture. Dealing with infertility over the holidays can put a damper on anyone’s good cheer.

Knowing that you will feel more stressed than usual doesn’t mean you have to succumb to 31 days of misery. Take control of your calendar and budget. You can say no to child-focused events, personal interactions and commitments that tax your positivity.

Coping with infertility and holiday stress tips

Over the years, we have shared helpful strategies for loosening the bond between infertility and holiday stress.

Share the load: Ask a family member or your spouse for help this year with errands, planning, entertaining and shopping (particularly for baby or children’s gifts) during this holiday season.

Reconnect with old friends or a favorite sibling: Your past connections can help remind you that you have an identity beyond “mom” or “dad.” Celebrate your past and present this season as you prepare for a fertile future.

Find healthy outlets for relieving stress: Comfort eating or binging on DVR shows can bring temporary satisfaction, but make you feel worse over time. A walk around Town Lake or hike up Mount Bonnell can release endorphins; can you say the same for Game of Thrones?

Pledge to make a difference: Austin and Round Rock non-profits need your help this holiday season, and personal experience has shown us that volunteering lifts the spirits. If you don’t have a favorite cause that you already support, consider joining TFC in giving to these local charities.

Your fertility doctor prescribes health, happiness and wellness this holiday season. Our wish for you is that you hold on to the hope that infertility is a temporary condition. It is one we can help you overcome.

Contact us at Texas Fertility Center to learn more about coping with infertility and holiday stress.

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