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Learn About IVF Seminars

Learn about IVF seminars at our free IVF events that are open to the public

If you know you need IVF to have a baby, or think there’s a chance you may need IVF one day, it’s smart to prepare yourself with answers to the question, “How does IVF work?” Our IVF events are free, open to the public, and designed to educate all people about this remarkable process that has helped to create millions of families all over the world.

Our IVF seminars in Texas are held monthly at Texas Fertility Center’s main office in Central Austin. There is no cost to attend and no commitment – just all the information you need, provided directly by our expert reproductive endocrinologists, IVF lab embryologists and experienced team. Bring your questions and get ready to walk away with a wealth of information you can apply to your own family planning.

Our IVF events are open to everyone

While we encourage all TFC patients exploring IVF to attend one of our monthly IVF seminars in Texas, our IVF events are always open to anyone who is interested in learning more about in vitro fertilization.

Participants in these interactive, educational sessions will learn about every aspect of the IVF process, including fertility testing, medications, laboratory services, pregnancy testing and ongoing monitoring. You’ll get answers to all of the important questions that most people have when considering IVF.

  • Who needs IVF?
  • When should I move on from other fertility treatments?
  • What fertility tests can tell me if need IVF?
  • How does IVF work?
  • Do I really have to give myself shots?
  • How much does IVF cost?
  • How likely am I to get pregnant with IVF?
  • What if I try IVF and it doesn’t work?
  • What if I need donor eggs and/or surrogacy?

Learn about the IVF lab

If you decide to pursue IVF, you’ll have an entire team of medical and scientific professionals working hand-in-hand to help you get pregnant. Texas Fertility Center’s partner IVF laboratory is Ovation® Fertility Austin, and it’s one of the best-equipped IVF labs anywhere in the United States. At our IVF events, you can meet an embryologist from our Ovation IVF lab and learn all about the science side of making a baby through IVF.

We’ll explain how our IVF physicians and Ovation embryologists work together, using the most advanced techniques and equipment, from the fertility testing phase through egg retrieval, fertilization, genetic testing and embryo transfer. You’ll also get all the details about how eggs, sperm and embryos are vitrified, or frozen, to preserve them for future use.

Attend our next IVF seminar in Texas

Arming yourself with knowledge can help you make informed decisions about how to grow your family. We welcome all men and women to our monthly IVF events, and we encourage you to reserve your spot today at our next IVF seminar.

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