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Weight Loss for Fertility

The facts about weight loss for fertility

Today I want to give you the skinny on weight loss for fertility. Why? Because fat cells are not benign. Fat cells produce estrogen and inflammatory chemicals. They can alter your hormone and blood sugar balance. Excess weight can reduce your fertility and increase all risks associated with pregnancy to both you and your child. Thankfully, weight loss for fertility can help.

The hopeful news is that to improve this outcome you do not need to be at your ideal weight – you simply need to be moving in the right direction.

How does weight loss for fertility work

It’s all about insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone that will store the food you eat as fat, and not allow you to burn it off. It also alters your sex hormone balance. To keep insulin levels low you must keep your blood sugar balanced:

  • Eat a full-fat protein breakfast within an hour of waking. Eggs rule!
  • Eat every 3-4 hours (never skip a meal) and include protein at each meal and snack. Think small portions – you only need enough food to get you to your next meal.
  • Dinner (like breakfast) should be high in protein, low in carbs. Carbohydrates are for quick fuel only. What is not burned off before bed will store as fat. If you are hungry before bed or awaken hungry, have a small handful of nuts or seeds.
  • Get 10 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning when blood sugar and insulin levels are lowest, allowing you to burn stored fat.
  • Metabolism increases up to 40% after each meal so any activity after a meal will increase calories burned. Exercise is also a natural antidote to insulin. Try for a total of 30 – 45 minutes daily.

Learn stress reduction techniques! Stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol, which raises insulin. Take a slow deep breath, pause….release….repeat.

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