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Why TFC? Our Fertility Practice Goals

TFC values our fertility practice goals

When a patient of mine moved to California, she asked me to refer a specialist who could continue her care. Drs. Vaughn, Hansard, Burger, and I have each noticed that when we provide our patients with a couple of names, they frequently ask us why we chose those particular specialists over many others in the same area. This made us realize that many couples with infertility in Central Texas may be thinking the same thing about TFC – why should they come see us? One reason is our fertility practice goals.

Why TFC?

In an attempt to answer this question, we wrote an article that you can find on the home page of our website at I have taken the liberty of breaking this article down into smaller blog entries. In this first blog, I will tell you a little about our fertility practice goals. Some of the things that make us different from other doctors who practice infertility.

Our fertility practice goals

From the moment that we decided to dedicate our careers to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, we each made many commitments. First and foremost, we wanted to develop a patient-centric practice that would provide best in class care in a nurturing, yet state of the art environment. In addition, however, we all made the conscious commitment to be more than fertility specialists. We wanted to perform cutting edge scientific research and be strong patient advocates, while helping train future leaders in our field.

We also wanted to use our business and management expertise to help develop the next generation of fertility treatments. Our team also works with managed care and Fortune 500 companies to expand insurance coverage. Finally, we all wanted to develop a mechanism that could help us raise awareness of infertility as a curable disease. These organizations also let us fund scientific research and help others afford treatment.

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