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Work and Fertility – Making Time for Both

When work and fertility conflict

Are you feeling a conflict between your work and fertility? What once was a job and title that gave you identity and purpose, now gets in the way of doctor appointments and the all-encompassing task of becoming a parent.

Your work may suffer because of your other full-time job. The one that requires you to work overtime, for no pay and at the mercy of a tyrant named Flo. You find concentrating on deadlines and daily tasks difficult. Absences start to stack up. Some women have the luxury of taking a leave of absence. Others seek out less demanding jobs. However, for most women who need a paycheck and insurance coverage to afford treatment, options are limited.

To survive the crisis, you’ll need survival tactics to balance employee/patient demands and the daily toll of squashing emotional outbursts.

Managing work and fertility

“It helped when I got a job that was located very close to the fertility specialist’s office. That made it much easier to get back and forth for all of the appointments,” says Betsy, an HR consultant. Plus, she adds: “I treated [infertility] as an important meeting, like any other meeting on my calendar, and made it a priority.”

To tell or not to tell

Once you’ve decided to stick it out at your current job, you’ll need to roll the dice and decide on disclosure. Revealing your family planning may unfairly paint you as uncommitted to your job. Yet not telling anyone can lead co-workers and your employer to believe that you’re using all of those long lunches and time off to interview for other jobs, hijack clients, or worse, goof off.

Use your best judgment, and confide in your supervisor if you feel you won’t be penalized for your honesty. If you have to keep it a secret, find a trusted co-worker instead and stealthily seek out others who might be experiencing infertility as well. After all, you know what the clues are.

Whatever you decide, remember that infertility can’t rob you of your talents and skills. Contact us to learn more about work and fertility management.

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