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At-Home Fertility – From Telemedicine to Testing

More hopeful parents are exploring their at-home fertility options

You aren’t alone if you’re trying to conceive and have questions about at-home fertility tests and telemedicine. More states around the country are beginning to open up after issuing COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. But many hopeful parents are still looking for ways to have a baby, without having to leave home. 

Mail-order fertility tests and tips for optimizing your natural fertility might seem enticing. However, sometimes you just need diagnosis and treatment from professionals like our Austin fertility doctors. This blog will walk you through some of the most common at-home options and discuss whether they work.

Exploring the top three at-home fertility options

Our favorite at-home option is telemedicine. We know that you’re busy, and you might not have time to brave Austin’s traffic to come to our offices. You might also feel more comfortable having your first fertility appointment (or even a follow-up visit or two) from home. With telemedicine, you have that option. You can meet with one of our doctors to discuss your medical history and family-building goals. Together, you can start thinking about your fertility treatment options.

In addition to telemedicine, here are two more common at-home fertility options.

  • Mail-order fertility tests have been gaining popularity. As you see them advertised online, you might wonder if you should buy one for yourself. Our Austin fertility doctors believe everyone should know about their fertility. However, these tests only provide a small piece of the picture. You may be able to learn a little about your levels of certain reproductive hormones, or the quality of your partner’s sperm, but these kits can’t take the place of the comprehensive diagnostic tools available at our offices.
  • Tips to optimize your natural fertility can be hit or miss. Their effectiveness depends on whether there’s science to back them up. For example, if you’re overweight, we know that getting closer to your ideal body weight may help you start ovulating. However, there’s no evidence to suggest that ingesting royal jelly or trying certain sex positions can boost your fertility. This means you should carefully weigh any fertility advice before taking it as fact.

Again, no at-home tests or fertility tips can replace the advice and care you’ll receive from an experienced fertility doctor.

You can start your fertility journey from the comfort of home today

If you’re ready to get started on the path to parenthood, you can rely on our favorite at-home fertility option. Contact us to schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our Austin fertility doctors to learn more about how you can become a proud parent.

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