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Affordable Fertility Care

Find affordable fertility care at Texas Fertility Center

The physicians at Central Texas fertility centers believe that all men and women should have access to affordable fertility care. Our physicians are committed to quickly and accurately diagnosing patients in order to provide the right treatment at the right time, allowing them to conceive and meet their new baby faster.

To make fertility treatments more affordable, we also offer individualized financial counseling services to all patients. As a leader in the field of reproductive medicine, our fertility center has relationships with programs and companies that give our patients access to financial resources and discounts to make fertility care even more affordable.

Gaining information about affordable fertility care

Knowledge is power, so our Central Texas fertility centers will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your fertility treatments. Our billing specialists will help ease the financial burden by helping you understand your insurance coverage so that you can get the most out of any fertility treatment benefit that you have. They will also work diligently to find any relevant discount programs that you qualify for, so you can focus on growing your family.

Understanding fertility insurance

Insurance coverage for fertility care can be confusing. Many policies cover diagnostic testing but not fertility treatment. Our Austin fertility center will contact your insurance carrier to determine your fertility benefits. However, our billing specialists also recommend that you use the following documents that we have developed so that you can find out what is and isn’t covered by your insurance before you begin fertility treatment.

  • Insurance Benefit Questionnaire for Patients: A list of questions to ask your insurance provider/carrier to determine your coverage.
  • Sample Letter of Pre-Determination: A form letter to send to your insurance provider/carrier asking for written documentation of your coverage. Written documentation is very important, as many carriers’ employees do not understand the benefits themselves and they often make mistakes.

As part of our commitment to providing affordable fertility care, TFC has contracts with many managed care health plans, and we are happy to file all claims for covered services with our contracted insurance carriers. For non-contracted health plans, we will provide you with a detailed receipt of services so that you can submit it directly to your insurance carrier in order to maximize any reimbursement that you may qualify for.

Learn more about fertility insurance.

Understanding medication discount programs

To help you save money on fertility medications, our Austin fertility center offers several medication discount programs. Compassionate Care discount programs are among the most popular. These programs offer substantial discounts on certain fertility medications to eligible TFC patients who:

  • Do not have insurance coverage for fertility medications
  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Have an annual household income that falls below a certain amount
Learn more about medication discount programs.

Understanding fertility financing

When insurance coverage falls short, you can still access affordable fertility care with fertility financing. Our Austin fertility center works with multiple independent financing companies to offer competitive packages to fit a variety of budgets and fertility treatment plans.
You can finance the following services:

See if fertility financing is right for you.

When our Austin fertility center combines world-class fertility diagnosis and treatment with insurance, financing and discount programs, the result is affordable fertility care. Contact us to learn more about starting fertility treatment with our experienced and compassionate reproductive endocrinologists.

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