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New Fertility Patient Questions

Here are a few common new patient questions from TFC new fertility patients.

For patients who are seeking fertility treatment or attempting pregnancy, we ask that both you and your partner attend the first visit. This insures that our physicians have all of your necessary information and avoids any unnecessary delays in the diagnostic and treatment processes. Due to the Texas Medical Practice Act, our physicians cannot prescribe medications or order tests (semen analysis, hormone levels, infectious disease screening, etc.) on patients without first having taken at least a medical history.

Though it is strongly encouraged for you both to attend the first visit, we realize that it can be difficult trying to coordinate multiple schedules. If your partner cannot attend the first appointment, you do not need to reschedule. However, your partner will need to attend one of your appointments at a later date, prior to beginning any testing or treatment procedures with Texas Fertility Center.

No. Your first visit will be a consultation with both you and your partner. An examination and sonogram will typically be performed at this first visit as well. Other tests such as blood work and/or a semen analysis are not typically performed at this visit.

Not necessarily. If you have already begun fertility testing with your Ob/Gyn, please ask them to send those medical records to our office. Having this information will allow your TFC physician to determine if any additional testing is needed prior to beginning your treatment plan.  We strive to minimize the need for repeat testing.

No. Because your medical records are your private property, no doctor’s office can request or release that information without your written consent. Please complete the Authorization to Release Records To TFC and submit it to the physician from whom you are requesting medical records. Once your physician’s office has that form, they will be able to fax or mail your medical records directly to TFC.

This is entirely up to you. Records regarding any previous fertility testing and treatment are always helpful for your first visit. If you have not had any fertility testing performed with another doctor, you may not need to have any records sent over to TFC.

Once you have completed the Patient Information and Insurance Information forms and have submitted them to our office, our New Patient Coordinator will call your insurance company to verify coverage. You will be contacted a few days before your appointment to review this information. We also recommend that you speak with your insurance provider directly to verify this information.

We suggest that you use the Insurance Benefit Questionnaire  on our website as a guide when speaking with your insurance carrier. In general, if your policy at least covers the diagnosis of infertility, your first visit should be covered.

Ask your insurance carrier to verify whether or not your plan requires that you obtain a referral to see a specialist. If your plan does require a referral, you will need to contact your Primary Care Physician or Ob/Gyn to request this referral before your first appointment.

Sure! The only forms that are needed prior to your appointment are the Patient Information and Insurance Information forms. However, if you have completed all of the paperwork and would like to send it in ahead of time, please feel free to send it to us via fax (512) 451-0977 or by mail at our office address.  Please address the envelope to the attention of our New Patient Coordinator.

You can also send these forms in via fax or U.S. mail. If you do not have access to a fax machine or do not have enough time to mail these forms, please call our New Patient Coordinator at (512)451-0149 x 7420.  She can take this information over the phone.

Absolutely! When scheduling your first appointment, feel free to ask your nurse to add your name to your physician’s waiting list. If an earlier appointment becomes available, you will be contacted to see if you would like to move your appointment up. If you are not on your physician’s waitlist and would like to be added, please call our New Patient Coordinator at (512) 451-0149 x 7449, and she can add your name to the list.

This can vary both by doctor and by the specific circumstances of your individual condition.  In general, most new patient visits last between 45 minutes and one hour.

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