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Fertility Preservation for Illness

Fertility preservation options – you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams to a diagnosis

You will make many decisions in the days following a life-changing diagnosis. Your focus, and that of your family, friends and medical team, will and should be on addressing your immediate medical needs. At Texas Fertility Center (TFC), we concentrate on your future life after cancer or chronic illness. If you wish to discuss fertility preservation for your future family , consider a plan that holds promise for brighter days ahead.

Remember that it’s important to inform your physician of your fertility objective, and then call TFC as soon as possible after a cancer or chronic disease diagnosis so we can start immediately.

TFC will make your fertility needs our top priority. Expect to see a fertility specialist within two business days of your initial call. We will design a “fast-track” fertility preservation plan for you, with minimal disruption to your oncologist’s treatment schedule. Even if you have already begun or completed cancer treatment, we may still be able to offer effective fertility preservation options

Texas Fertility Center safeguards your plans for a family with fertility preservation

Oocyte, egg cryopreservation

Texas Fertility Center is one of very few fertility centers in the U.S. that has not only successfully frozen eggs, but has also had healthy babies delivered from eggs frozen by our program. We employ the most advanced freezing technology, and that makes all the difference. Until recently, cryopreserving unfertilized eggs was unreliable. But now with vitrification, a new flash-freezing technology, higher success rates offer real hope.

Sperm cryopreservation

We have been successfully freezing sperm prior to cancer or other fertility-threatening medical treatment for decades. Either you or your oncologist can call us to start the preservation process. Depending on your cancer treatment plan, you may be able to preserve many sperm samples, increasing your chances for a successful pregnancy. For more information, please visit Ovation Fertility Austin.

Embryo cryopreservation

Once sperm are added to an egg and fertilization occurs, an embryo begins to develop. Embryos that develop normally can be frozen within several days after fertilization. Like sperm freezing, we have been successfully freezing embryos for years. The treatment plan for embryo cryopreservation is the same as that for egg freezing, until the sperm are added. While couples use both partners’ genetic material, single women can choose donor sperm for fertilization. Embryos are frozen for long-term storage using the same cutting-edge vitrification technology used for egg freezing.

Fertility preservation for tomorrow’s moms and dads

As a result of significant advances in cancer treatment, more and more patients are surviving cancer and wish to start or add to their families. Cryopreservation ensures that your genetic material is preserved, safe and available when you decide it’s time to get pregnant.

When that time comes, TFC will design a unique treatment plan using preserved eggs, sperm or embryos to help you achieve your goal.

Time-tested methods and leading-edge egg freezing technology means that fertility preservation is a very viable option for most patients undergoing treatment for cancer or other chronic disease. When you include a TFC physician as early as possible in the treatment planning process, we can help you achieve the best possible results—a baby to complete your happy ending.

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