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IVF for Male Infertility

Male infertility caused by low sperm counts may benefit from IVF, in vitro fertilization

If the sperm specimen yields less than 10 million motile sperm, we will usually discuss IVF as an option with our patients.

The lower the motile sperm count, the more strongly we recommend IVF

Motile sperm counts below 10 million per mL are much less likely to produce a pregnancy with IUI. One of the major benefits of IVF is that it allows us to place a single egg into a small droplet of fluid along with thousands of motile sperm, markedly increasing the likelihood that fertilization will occur.

IVF is therefore effective for men with low sperm concentrations. It allows us to prepare the sperm in such a way that we can significantly increase the concentration of sperm that are exposed to the egg. IVF is also a viable alternative for men with low motility. By preparing the sperm in a particular way, we can place a large concentration of highly motile sperm in very close proximity to the egg – again increasing the likelihood of fertilization.