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LGBT Family Building

Our Texas fertility clinic specializes in LGBT family building

We recognize that loving families come in many forms, which is why we are proud to support LGBT family building. Our team offers several fertility opportunities for LGBT hopeful parents at our Austin fertility clinic, helping these men and women create the family of their dreams. It’s our top priority to ensure same-sex male and female couples feel welcome and supported at our clinic, as we help them develop the best treatment plan to take home a healthy baby.

We offer numerous LGBT family building options

Gay and lesbian couples can rest assured that the skilled physicians at our Austin fertility clinic will help them develop a treatment plan that best suits their unique LGBT family building needs. Our team offers many different treatment options to accommodate a range of physical and financial circumstances.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm. Lesbian couples may consider the use of IUI or IVF using donor sperm. Some lesbian couples choose reciprocal IVF. With this treatment, one partner provides the eggs, which our embryologists fertilize with donor sperm. We then transfer one of the resulting embryos into the other partner’s uterus. We individually walk hopeful mothers through each stage of this process, making sure they feel fully supported at all times.
  • IVF with donor eggs. Another LGBT family building option for lesbian couples is IVF with egg donation. Egg donation is an effective option for hopeful mothers who are not able or who do not wish to use their own eggs for various reasons. The use of healthy donor eggs gives women with ovulation problems, certain genetic conditions, early menopause or advanced maternal age the chance to have a child.
  • Gestational carriers. Same-sex male couples will need to utilize a gestational carrier who will carry the pregnancy to term. In this LGBT family building situation, the hopeful fathers will select an egg donor and a gestational carrier. Our embryologists will fertilize the donor’s eggs using the sperm from one of the fathers. We will transfer one of the resulting healthy embryos into the gestational carrier’s uterus. This is an exciting option for hopeful fathers. Gay couples should keep in mind that the law prohibits the use of traditional surrogacy, in which a woman donates her eggs and serves as the gestational carrier. In addition, Texas law only supports gestational surrogacy for married couples.  Therefore, obtaining counsel from a knowledgeable family lawyer is very important for couples pursuing these options.

The compassionate and knowledgeable staff at our Austin fertility clinic can help hopeful parents develop a thorough understanding of all of their options, and select the LGBT family building route that best suits their needs. We are fully dedicated to helping LGBT couples experience the joys of parenthood.

We look forward to helping you build your family

We’re honored to have the ability to expand LGBT family building options beyond adoption, by utilizing our comprehensive fertility expertise and assisted reproductive technology. Think of our Austin fertility clinic as an important step on your path to same-sex family building. Our world-class fertility specialists will walk with you through each phase of your family building journey.

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