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Egg Donor Screening

The TFC egg donor screening process allows us to provide high-quality donors

Texas Fertility Center (TFC) believes that a successful donor cycle begins with thorough egg donor screening. It typically takes about six weeks to complete the screening. This process involves multiple steps that fulfill all the FDA-mandated screening requirements.

To minimize the cost for hopeful parents, our Austin fertility center doesn’t perform all this screening at the same time. Instead, donors move on to the next step only after successfully completing the current one.

Reviewing the steps of egg donor screening

The egg donor screening process includes testing for infectious diseases, pelvic abnormalities, psychological disorders and genetic conditions that could be passed on to a child. However, a prospective donor must successfully complete an interview before undergoing testing.

Donor interview. After our Austin fertility center team receives a potential donor’s application, she will come to the office for a 30-minute face to face interview. We will discuss the cycle in detail and answer all the donor’s questions.

Drug screen and blood testing. After the interview, the donor will go to a local laboratory for a drug screen and a blood test. If this testing is normal, the donor’s profile will go on our active donor list for parents to view.

Sonogram for antral follicle count and examination. Once parents select a donor’s profile, the donor will call our office on the first day of her period to schedule a sonogram and a physical exam to determine whether she can produce enough eggs.

Psychological evaluation. After this sonogram and physical exam, the donor will schedule a psychological evaluation with one of our recommended psychologists.

Infectious disease screening lab work. If we approve the results of the donor’s psychological evaluation, she will return to the lab for infectious disease screening. It takes approximately 10 days to receive the results of the screening.

Genetic labs. Once we have the infectious disease results, the donor will undergo genetic screening. It typically takes several weeks to receive the results of genetic testing as part of the egg donor screening process.

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Whether you want to become a donor or build your family through egg donation, our Austin fertility center can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about this process.


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