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Donor Eggs

Find family-building success with donor eggs

Our Austin fertility specialists are experts in third party reproduction. In fact, Texas Fertility Center consistently achieves some of the highest pregnancy rates in the country using donor eggs. Our experience, advanced reproductive technologies and high-quality egg donors are responsible for making dreams of parenthood a reality for our patients.

By relying primarily on egg donors from Central Texas, our Austin fertility specialists can hand-select diverse and intelligent women in the local area to join our in-house egg donor program, saving you agency and travel expenses. We are also happy to work with known donors, such as sisters, nieces, cousins, or friends, once they pass the FDA required donor screening tests.

Your first step is to make an appointment with one of our Austin fertility specialists to discuss growing your family using egg donation.

At this appointment, you will undergo a physical examination and meet with a nurse from our in-house egg donor program who will explain the egg donation procedure and help you start the process of choosing your donor.

After selecting your donor and completing screening tests, your physician and nurse will create a treatment plan that prepares your uterus for implantation and your donor’s ovaries for stimulation. After your donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and her eggs have been retrieved, the next step is fertilization of the eggs with sperm from either your partner or a donor. Our embryologists in the IVF laboratory will carefully monitor your growing embryos and advise your physician to ensure that we select the best embryo for transfer. Due to our high pregnancy rates, we encourage all of our donor egg recipients to only transfer one embryo at a time. You can freeze any remaining embryos for future use.

Your physician will obtain a pregnancy test nine days after your embryo transfer. During this time and throughout the first few weeks of pregnancy, you will take supporting hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in order to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

How to know if donor eggs are right for you

Our Austin fertility specialists often recommend egg donation for couples when the female partner is older than 40, responds poorly to ovarian stimulation or has significantly diminished ovarian reserve. Donor eggs and gestational surrogacy can also help gay couples become parents. In such cases, donor eggs provide the best chance for hopeful parents to experience the entire pregnancy process from conception to delivery. Donor eggs and a gestational carrier can also help gay couples become parents.

Contact us to learn more about family-building using donor eggs. Have the family of your dreams.

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