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Ovation Austin IVF Lab

The Ovation® Austin IVF lab provides state-of-the-art fertility services

Many patients don’t realize that the quality of the IVF lab that an infertility practice chooses to use is just as important as the quality of the doctors and the practice itself. At Texas Fertility Center, our fertility doctors understand the importance of having an advanced laboratory. That’s why our team exclusively uses the Ovation Austin IVF lab.

What is the relationship between TFC and the Ovation Austin IVF lab?

The Texas Fertility Center physicians were instrumental in founding the Ovation network. The goal of this nationwide network of IVF laboratories is to collaborate to improve fertility care for all. Although they are separate companies, the relationship between Ovation and TFC is stronger than ever, and our patients continue to benefit from the power of collaboration.

Ovation-Austin was founded in 2015, yet many of the embryologists in the Ovation Austin IVF lab are the same ones who were with Austin IVF for years. We are quite proud of the fact that many of these laboratory professionals have staffed the Ovation Austin lab for two decades.

Due to the hard work and dedication of the Ovation Austin laboratory team and support personnel, the lab has established itself as one of the largest and most successful reproductive laboratories in the United States.

How does the Ovation Austin IVF laboratory support advanced fertility care?

The Ovation Austin IVF lab is a true innovator among IVF laboratories worldwide. It is certified by both CAP and CLIA, and it contains new-to-market equipment designed and developed to support advanced fertility care. For example, the embryologists use leading-edge microscopes to observe cellular development in embryos. Additionally, this lab uses an electronic witnessing system to ensure proper identification of eggs, sperm and embryos throughout the entire IVF laboratory process.

This lab is under the watchful supervision of Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, a world renowned laboratory director and researcher. Tex obtained his PhD from Oxford University, and he was recruited to Austin from New Zealand, where he was running a large network of IVF laboratories.

In addition to his clinical excellence, Tex is also a world-class researcher. He travels the world speaking to IVF professionals about the latest improvements and emerging technologies in IVF.  Tex and the physicians at TFC perform, publish and present the leading-edge research that our competitors can only read about. He and his team specialize in providing leading-edge fertility services for female infertility, male infertility and genetic screening.

Using the latest technology, every embryologist, andrologist and laboratory professional works together to help our fertility doctors flawlessly conduct treatment cycles.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ovation Austin IVF lab or schedule an appointment at Texas Fertility Center, contact us. Our team is here to provide you with the advanced fertility care and services you need to welcome a baby.

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