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The TFC Team

The fertility care team at TFC provides world-class treatment

Texas Fertility Center (TFC) is home to a knowledgeable and compassionate fertility care team. Patients can find highly respected doctors, friendly office staff and experienced laboratory professionals to help them on the path to parenthood. Our Austin fertility center offers everything women and men will need on their fertility journey, including our clinic, IVF laboratory and surgery center.

We are also Ovation® Fertility partner physicians. We joined forces with this collaborative, nationwide network of doctors and researchers to bring our patients access to the latest developments in the field. Patients have never had more experts supporting them on the path to parenthood.

What sets our fertility care team apart?

Our Austin fertility center provides comprehensive and highly effective treatment to each patient who walks through our doors. To do this, each member of our team shares a commitment to the following principles.

  • Delivering individualized care. We recognize that infertility affects all people. As a result, we believe that individualized care is of the utmost importance. Each patient who enters our office will receive treatment unique to their personal, physical and emotional needs.
  • Providing emotional support. Infertility affects a patient’s physical and emotional health. As such, we treat the whole patient. We will always strive to provide personal support and comprehensive treatment recommendations.
  • Offering clear and honest information. Our fertility care team will always provide our patients with clear information about different treatments and their success rates. By empowering patients with current scientific information, we will partner with them to arrive at a personalized treatment plan that is right for them.
  • Performing accurate billing and a benefits investigation. We realize that infertility treatment can be costly and that insurance benefits vary from plan to plan. It is our commitment to provide a clear explanation of insurance coverage and develop cost-effective treatment plans that maximize each patients’ benefits.

Raising awareness about infertility and its treatments

Our Austin fertility center believes it’s important to educate and empower our communities about infertility. As a result, our fertility care team strives to provide ongoing educational programs to patients, the general public and referring doctors. Additionally, we will continue to incorporate the most advanced medical, surgical and laboratory procedures in our practice.

Contact us to learn more about our Austin fertility center and schedule an appointment with our fertility care team.

Meet the TFC Team

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