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Insurance Verification Department

Meet Missy, our billing and insurance verification supervisor

Missy has been working at Texas Fertility Center since October 2002. She started her TFC career working at check-in before working in various administrative departments until she took her current position in 2008. She feels lucky to have been able to grow within the practice.

As our billing and insurance verification supervisor, this self-professed “workaholic” manages and oversees all aspects of our billing department, including prior authorizations, surgery scheduling, financial counseling and billing for Texas Fertility Center as well as Austin Fertility Surgery Center.

When patients need to appeal denied claims or get authorization, Missy and her team will help them do it. Missy loves playing a role in helping hopeful parents afford the fertility care that will help them bring home a healthy baby.

Viewing Texas Fertility Center as part of the family

Missy takes pride in her work and her passionate team, who she considers part of her family. Outside of TFC, she has a wonderful husband who supports her endlessly and also views the TFC team as family. Missy has three fabulous children who are mostly grown, and she is hoping for grandchildren in the future. She also has two dogs who are her fur babies.

The couple’s youngest daughter plays every sport imaginable, so Missy spends most of her free time at her events. Other than that, Missy enjoys spending time outdoors and her favorite thing to do is go fishing.