Meet Our Clinical Staff

The TFC clinical staff is made up of clinical nurses, IVF nurses, medical assistants and research staff.

The clinical team at Texas Fertility Center is comprised of dedicated staff who strive to ensure that patients receive high quality care delivered in a compassionate and professional manner. We understand that the journey to fertility is stressful. The testing and procedures that are ordered can add to this stress. We feel that patients who are well informed about their care have reduced stress and can best cope with the emotional highs and lows of infertility.

Our clinical team works closely with the patient’s physician to develop a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for each patient. The team provides educational materials, instructions about testing, as well as training classes for injectable medication administration.

Our clinical team is made up of Clinical Nurses, ART (Advanced Reproductive Technology) Cycle Coordinators , Medical Assistants, and a Research Coordinator.

Director of Clinical Operations


Kathy Reynolds, LVN

Kathy has been a nurse for over 30 years. The last 25 plus years have been spent in Women’s Health. Kathy has been at Texas Fertility Center since 2002 and currently serves on the Serono and Good Start Nurse Advisory Boards. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. A native of Arkansas, she has lived in Texas since 1976 and in Austin since 1985. Her loyalties are divided since she is both a Razorback and Longhorn football fan!

(512) 451-0149, ext. 7431

Fertility Clinical Nurses

Our clinical nurses are responsible for the phone triage of patients, patient education, and assisting with clinical procedures. Each patient is assigned a clinical nurse who acts as a liaison between the patient and the physician.

ART Cycle Coordinators- IVF

Our ART Cycle Coordinators are responsible for coordinating IVF cycles. The ART Cycle Coordinators work closely with the physicians to develop IVF plans individually tailored for each patient. The coordinators meet with patients undergoing an IVF cycle to discuss the cycle in detail as well as to give injection instructions. The ART Cycle Coordinators also work closely with the embryology lab at Austin IVF to schedule IVF procedures. Each patient is assigned an ART Cycle Coordinator during the IVF cycle. After the patient completes her IVF cycle and has a pregnancy test, she will be transferred back to her clinical nurse.

ART Cycle Coordinators- Third Party Reproduction

The ART Cycle Coordinators in our Third Party Reproduction Department work with egg donors, gestational carriers, and intended parents who are using an egg donor or a gestational carrier. They synchronize and manage the cycles between the intended parent and the egg donors to ensure the intended parent’s uterus is ready when the eggs are retrieved from the donor. They also work with intended parents and gestational carriers to synchronize the cycles in the same manner as the cycles between intended parents using egg donors by making sure the gestational carrier’s uterus is ready for an embryo transfer. As well, the team works closely with the embryologists at Austin IVF by making sure the embryo lab has all of the paperwork required to match the egg donor to the intended parent.

The coordinators are also responsible for interviewing potential egg donors for the TFC donor pool and assisting intended parents with choosing an egg donor. The team is responsible for making sure the FDA regulations and American Society of Reproductive Medicine guidelines are followed and that all FDA testing is completed within the time frame mandated by the FDA.

Medical Assistants

The medical assistants assist the physicians in the rooms during exams and procedures. They are also responsible for scheduling follow-up appointments, instructing patients on recommended testing and procedures, handing out patient education materials, giving injections, and calling patients with medication orders. During injection lesson classes, the medical assistants instruct patients on how to use the injectable medications and how to give the injections they will require during their cycles.

Research Coordinator

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