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Embryo Donation

IVF success leads to a growing interest in embryo donation

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has resulted in successful outcomes and millions of babies worldwide. However, the increased usage of IVF has resulted in the creation of extra embryos. As patients wonder what to do with their extra embryos, Texas Fertility Center offers a solution: embryo donation. This beautiful option connects patients who have extra embryos with hopeful parents who need embryos to create a family.

The growing need for embryo donation

When a couple undergoes IVF, one of the goals is to retrieve as many healthy eggs as possible. Retrieving more eggs improves the likelihood that we will end up with high-quality embryos through laboratory fertilization. Newer methods for grading embryos enable us to transfer fewer embryos and to safely cryopreserve the remaining supply.

Men and women often return to our fertility center to grow their families. When they do so, they often  use frozen their embryos to bring home a sibling for their child. However, when couples or individuals decide that their families are complete, a question arises. What should they do with the remaining frozen embryos?

Embryo donation provides an option to help someone else welcome a baby. It also gives these precious embryos a chance at life. This option brings peace of mind to former fertility patients and an affordable option to patients who are considering IVF.

ASRM’s thoughts on the this topic

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has said, “The donation of embryos to support the family-building efforts of others is an important option for patients considering the disposition of cryopreserved embryos in excess of those needed to meet the patients’ own fertility goals.”

As with any donor program, there are stringent screening procedures for embryo donation. Texas Fertility Center adheres to industry standards for egg donor requirements, screening for physical, genetic and psychological criteria.

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Fertility Story

Embryo Clearinghouse

The Department of Health and Human Services, the State of Texas and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine took steps to bring this program to life. TFC supported a bill that would have created a clearinghouse for embryo donation. HB1145 died in committee in April 2015, but it’s important to maintain momentum that began with HB1145.