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Male Infertility

Choose TFC for Comprehensive Diagnosis, Evaluation, & Treatment of Male Infertility

Of the over seven million couples facing infertility, approximately 40 percent have a primary diagnosis of male factor. We understand that, to many men, this finding can seem like a devastating blow. At Texas Fertility Center, we can offer all couples diagnosed with male factor infertility hope and the advanced treatment necessary to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Conceiving a child is your priority, and helping you identify anything that stands in your way is ours. The doctors at TFC will conduct a complete evaluation to identify the causes of your male infertility. We will order a full semen analysis, endocrine profile, and additional testing if indicated.

Depending on the results of these tests, your doctor may refer you to a urologist, who can identify many of the common causes of male infertility including anatomic factors such as an obstruction or varicocele, endocrine factors such as complications from diabetes, and functional factors such as erectile dysfunction.

Although infertility impacts both partners, male factor infertility may feel particularly distressing to you. The team at Texas Fertility Center understands the difficulty of this situation, and we offer resources to help you cope with male infertility. If you need advice about how to support your spouse during infertility treatment, we can provide this information as well.

For the top-notch care you deserve from a compassionate team you can trust, call Texas Fertility Center to schedule an appointment. We will get you the answers you need so that you can create the family you desire.