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Fertility Preservation for Men

Fertility preservation for men means that illness doesn’t have to destroy family-building dreams

Treatments for cancer and other illnesses have come a long way, giving patients hope and a future. However, these same life-saving treatments can damage the reproductive organs and fertility. Thankfully, Texas Fertility Center (TFC) offers fertility preservation for men.

Before, and sometimes even after, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, our Austin fertility clinic can freeze a man’s sperm. Men can also pursue the freezing of testicular tissue or testicular sperm extraction. These options allow men to start or grow a family in the future.

Why should men explore this option?

After cancer treatment, some men recover enough sperm production to result in a pregnancy. However, the resumption of normal testicular function is very variable. Even if hormonal production becomes normal again, it does not guarantee that sperm production will do so as well. For these reasons, our Austin fertility clinic often recommends fertility preservation for men.

What are the options for fertility preservation for men?

By preserving male fertility before undergoing cancer treatment, a man has the option to become a father later. Our Austin fertility clinic offers several options to men interested in preserving their fertility.

  • Sperm freezing requires a man to produce one or more semen samples. Our andrologists will assess each sample for sperm quality and quantity. They will then wash, prepare and freeze the samples for use in future pregnancy attempts.
  • Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) can allow our andrologists to freeze sperm if a man cannot produce a semen sample with sperm in it. This is an option for men with a blockage or who aren’t making enough sperm.
  • Testicular tissue freezing involves obtaining the tissue using a biopsy and using it for future use. This procedure is still experimental, but it shows promise, especially in pre-pubescent boys.

Even if a man does not undergo fertility preservation for men, there is still hope that he can have a family after his treatment. If he does not regain reproductive function, he and his partner can undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm to welcome a baby.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about options like sperm freezing. If you would like to begin fertility preservation before your cancer treatment, the TFC team can expedite your treatment. When you call, just let us know that you are preparing to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer.


Preserving your fertility before starting chemotherapy for men – Kaylen Silverberg, M.D.

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