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Egg and Embryo Preservation Process

After a cancer diagnosis, our fertility specialists recommend 3 easy steps to eggs and embryo preservation for women.

As a result of significant advances in cancer treatment, more and more patients are surviving cancer and wish to start or add to their families. Cryopreservation, also know as egg and embryo freezing ensures that your genetic material is preserved, safe and available when you decide it’s time to get pregnant.

When that time comes, TFC will design a unique treatment plan using preserved eggs or embryos to help you achieve your goal of a family.

Time-tested methods and leading-edge egg freezing technology means that fertility preservation is a very viable option for most patients undergoing treatment for cancer or other chronic diseases. When you include a TFC physician as early as possible in the treatment planning process, we can help you achieve the best possible results—a baby to complete your happy ending.

Our San Antonio and Austin fertility specialists will make your needs our top priority.

Expect to see a fertility specialist within 2 business days of your initial call. We will design a “fast-track” fertility preservation plan for you, with minimal disruption to your oncologist’s treatment schedule. Even if you have already begun or completed cancer treatment, we may still be able to offer effective fertility preservation options.

Remember that it’s important to inform your oncologist of your fertility objective, and then call TFC as soon as possible after a cancer or chronic disease diagnosis so we can start immediately.

What are the 3 steps to egg and embryo preservation?

History & evaluation
Your history, cancer type and treatment plan will determine the next steps for fertility preservation. Following our initial meeting, TFC will consult with your oncologist to determine potential treatment strategies. If we agree that fertility preservation is a viable option, we’ll perform a physical exam that includes a sonogram to evaluate your ovarian function. This limited evaluation will move very quickly, and your TFC team will keep your oncologist, OB/GYN and other physicians in the loop.

Your TFC physician and your oncologist will select the best ovarian stimulation protocol based on your cancer treatment timeline. Because time is of the essence, stimulation begins quickly after your initial appointment. You will take medications to facilitate the development of multiple eggs for preservation. During this phase of your treatment, we will see you every few days to ensure you are progressing rapidly.

Egg retrieval
Once the ovarian follicles mature, your TFC physician will remove your eggs transvaginally under ultrasound guidance while you are under light sedation. The eggs or embryos are then frozen at the adjacent Austin IVF laboratory to complete the preservation process.
If you wish to preserve your fertility, consider a plan that holds promise for brighter days ahead. Contact our fertility specialists ASAP!

At Texas Fertility Center, we concentrate on your future. Life after cancer.