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Getting Started With Fertility Treatment

Your guide to getting started with fertility treatment in Austin

The team at our Austin fertility center knows that choosing to move forward with fertility treatment can feel overwhelming. You likely have many questions, and you may feel like you’re facing the unknown. To help you on your journey to bring home a baby, we have developed this handy guide to explain more about getting started with fertility treatment in Austin.

You’ll find that getting started with fertility treatment in Austin is easier than you may think.

To start the process, you should call our Austin fertility center to schedule a new patient appointment

At this time, our team will collect your insurance information so that they can verify your benefits before you come in. Also, before your first appointment, you should visit our website to print out the new patient forms that you will bring with you. We recommend completing them before coming into the office in order to save time.

When you first visit our Austin fertility center, you will meet with your reproductive endocrinologist, or fertility doctor

During this consultation, you will discuss your medical history and any information that relates to your struggles to conceive. This first appointment is also a time when your fertility doctor will perform a physical examination and a transvaginal ultrasound. He or she will also order blood work.

If you have a partner, your physician asks that he or she also comes to the appointment

This helps your doctor get a complete picture of the situation, which helps him or her make more-accurate and individualized treatment recommendations. Before moving forward with any treatment, your doctor will discuss your options and his or her recommendations for getting started with fertility treatment in Austin.

At the end of your appointment, you will check out with a medical assistant who will go over your doctor’s recommendations and ensure that you leave with all of the necessary paperwork and blood work. The medical assistant will also give you a card with your nurse’s information. This nurse will be your point of contact at our office.

Getting started with fertility treatment in Austin doesn’t have to be difficult

Our Austin fertility center team realizes that you have likely been through a great deal before making your first fertility appointment. This is why we have created an easy process for getting started with fertility treatment in Austin.

Contact us to learn more about how the doctors at Texas Fertility Center can help you make your dreams of parenthood a reality with individualized and state-of-the-art fertility treatment.

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