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Joy and Sleepless Nights Tyrha’s story

Joy and Sleepless Nights Tyrha’s story

Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren’s fertility journey spans three states and several fertility groups over ten years.

Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren’s fertility journey spans three states and several fertility groups over ten years. Hers was an arduous path, suffered mostly in silence — infertility was still a stigmatized issue, particularly in the African American community. Buoyed by her strong faith and the support of her steadfast husband Sidney, she was determined to stay the course on the path to parenthood.

The turning point in her journey came with a move to Waco, Texas, and a subsequent meeting with Dr. Kaylen Silverberg of Texas Fertility Center. With Dr. Silverberg’s help, Tyrha’s long-awaited baby Kennedy was born on February 17, 2023.

“[Dr. Silverberg] immediately caught everything that the so-called big city New York and Connecticut fertility doctors missed,” said Tyrha.

Joy and Sleepless Nights

Before delving into the roller coaster ride of the last decade, Tyrha was interrupted by crying in the background. Newborn Kennedy woke up early from a nap.

“I’ll be right back. Bear with me – I’ll hand her to her daddy,” said Tyrha.

When she returned, the marketing veteran and associate professor at Baylor University, laughed and described her three-month-old daughter glowingly, “She speaks a lot with her eyes – all of her moods are in those eyes,” she says.

She pauses, and happily echoes the plight of newborn parents, “Hmmmm…where was I?”

Sleeplessness is a new normal for Tyrha and her husband Sidney, a radio sportscaster, a challenge she happily shrugs off. One year ago, she wasn’t sure this day would come having suffered so much disappointment and loss. The pain is a memory now, but not yet distant enough to forget.

Connecticut to New York to Waco, Texas

Tyrha found Dr. Silverberg and Texas Fertility Center shortly after moving to Waco, Texas from New York City. Waco did not have a fertility clinic, so she was considering traveling to Dallas or Austin. A friend suggested she see Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, who she playfully liked to call “the baby doctor.”

“I thought, ‘Yup, that’s who I want to see,’” laughed Tyrha.

By then, she had already spent multiple years pursuing various fertility treatments at two clinics in the Northeast.

“My determination was wavering a bit,” recalled Tyrha.

But new answers were discovered under Dr. Silverberg. It was discovered that Tyrha suffered from severe pelvic adhesions, that even caused scarring around her liver.  Tyrha underwent a laparoscopic procedure to remove the adhesions, and Dr. Silverberg also removed her fallopian tubes in the process. In 2021, Tyrha got news she was pregnant and “graduated” from TFC to be under the care of her OB-GYN. When that pregnancy resulted in a loss, due possibly to complications from a UTI, she contacted Dr. Silverberg and his TFC colleague, Dr. Anthony Propst, also a reproductive endocrinologist.

Tyrha tears up remembering a heartbreaking situation that still held a future promise.

“Dr. Silverberg and Dr. Propst were my partners — I’m so appreciative of them,” Tyrha said. “They wanted to help. They wanted to figure out what the heck happened.”

The loss tested her confidence. She looked into gestational surrogacy and also decided to try one last time.

“I got pregnant,” she smiled.

Tyrha graduated from Texas Fertility Center again during the Summer of 2022 with expected nervousness. “It took me a while to get comfortable with the pregnancy. I remember my OB-GYN saying to me, ‘Tyrha, you are good. Will you please start enjoying your pregnancy?’ I took her advice and finally had fun with my pregnancy.”

Faith, Prayer, and Partnership

During these many challenges, Tyrha leaned heavily on her faith, her husband, and medical partners. A strong belief system and prayer allowed her to maintain steadiness in tough times, and the result has been worth it.

“I don’t know what I can tell someone going through this – just that you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will and find partners who believe in you, too,” said Tyrha. “This (fertility process) is not easy. None of this is easy. Our relationship with Dr. Silverberg was everything. He was encouraging, frank and honest – and he was our partner.”

Tyrha was interviewed on KXAN-TV (NBC affiliate) about her fertility journey. You can see that interview here.

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