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Faith and Help from TFC Helped One Couple Overcome Infertility

Faith and Help from TFC Helped One Couple Overcome Infertility

Meagan and Chase’s love story included dealing with infertility

Meagan and Chase’s love story included dealing with infertilityLife has a way of surprising us all with twists and turns, which is exactly what happened when Meagan and Chase decided they wanted to start a family. The two knew each other when they were kids, as Meagan would come to visit her grandmother in the small town of Eden, Texas, which also happened to be Chase’s hometown.

At that point, Meagan was just “the cute girl from out of town.” However, the couple eventually started dating when their paths crossed again in 2007. In 2010, Meagan and Chase said, “I do,” and then moved to New Braunfels. After the couple got married, they were trying to decide if they wanted to have children.

“We were young and traveling a lot and having fun. We weren’t putting pressure on ourselves,” Meagan explains. “Eventually, we decided that we did want kids, but when we were ready to start a family in 2014, we weren’t able to.”

With this realization, the couple decided it was time to make an appointment with a fertility doctor to find out what was wrong.

Meagan and Chase take the first step to overcome infertility

Meagan and Chase’s love story included dealing with infertilityWhen Meagan and Chase started looking for a fertility doctor, they wanted someone who made them feel at ease and confident that parenthood would be possible for them. When they met Susan Hudson MD, they knew that they had found their fertility specialist.

“I love Dr. Hudson so much. She has this ability to be so calm and so supportive while you’re going through a tough situation, so it helps keep you grounded. She also makes sure you don’t think too far ahead about the process and get overwhelmed,” Meagan explains.

To start their journey at Texas Fertility Center New Braunfels, Dr. Hudson ordered a series of diagnostic tests for the couple, including genetic testing. The results showed that Meagan was a Fragile X carrier. This genetic mutation makes it more difficult to conceive naturally.

“This was hard to hear because it had taken me a while to decide to become a mother. Then, I found out that it would be a hard journey to make it happen. I sort of shut down after getting this diagnosis and just focused on my career for a while,” Meagan recalls.

Taking a break from baby plans before returning to Texas Fertility Center

Meagan and Chase’s love story included dealing with infertilityFor the next five years, Meagan was making great progress towards her goal of becoming a CEO before age 35, but then she felt God step in and change her path. “I felt a heavy desire on my heart to become a mom and influence the life of a child and watch them grow.”

This desire encouraged both Meagan and Chase to go back to Dr. Hudson at Texas Fertility Center. “We had to redo some tests because several years had gone by, but we basically picked up where we left off with Dr. Hudson,” Meagan says.

After the test results showed that just about everything looked good for the couple, they asked Dr. Hudson if they could try conceiving on their own. “She said that based on my age that we could try on our own for a while, so we spent a year really focusing on trying. I did everything from changing my diet and exercise to adding supplements.”

When that didn’t work, they came back to Dr. Hudson who suggested that they start with intrauterine insemination (IUI). The couple felt discouraged and a little depressed after these cycles didn’t help them conceive. However, they still didn’t give up.

“IVF was the next step, and I didn’t want to do it, but we prayed about it so much and ultimately decided to move forward,” Meagan says. “Dr. Hudson was a huge reason why I decided to do IVF. She gave me peace of mind and encouraged me.”

IVF helps Meagan and Chase achieve their dream of parenthood

Meagan and Chase’s love story included dealing with infertilityThe couple put their trust in Dr. Hudson and her treatment recommendations as they moved forward with in vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple had their egg retrieval procedure in January 2021, which resulted in three healthy embryos.

After transferring one of their embryos in February 2021, Meagan and Chase were thrilled to see a positive pregnancy test. They were even more excited when their beautiful and healthy daughter came into the world in November 2021. They named her Chaselyn.

“Going through infertility was incredibly difficult. It challenges you emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually and can be hard on a marriage, but I’m grateful that I had Dr. Hudson and Texas Fertility Center by my side to make the journey a little easier,” Meagan says. “Without them, we wouldn’t have Chaselyn. Being her parents makes it all worth it.”

When asked what she would tell other hopeful parents in similar situations, Meagan stressed the importance of feeling all your emotions as well as finding a doctor you trust and sticking with them. “Sometimes, treatment doesn’t work the first or even the second time, but if you have a doctor you trust, stick it out. The end result is worth it.”

If you’d like to learn how Dr. Hudson and her team can help you have your own fertility success story, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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