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TFC IVF Success Rates

Learn about our Austin fertility center’s reported IVF success rates

Texas Fertility Center is a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). As a member of SART, we are required to report the outcome of each patient’s IVF cycle at out Austin Fertility Centers and San Antonio Fertility Center. The method of reporting is through a computer program that requires the clinic to enter a patient’s data starting before their egg retrieval and continuing through the time of their embryo transfer, pregnancy check, sonogram for fetal sacs and heartbeats and, finally, through the birth of their baby. This method assures honest reporting of outcomes and does not allow for alteration of data at a later time.

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At the end of each year, the data that we report to SART is compiled and then sent to the CDC for a final audit. The numbers are released by SART and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) after all of the births for a given year have been recorded for our Austin Fertility Center. This explains the lag in time before the reports are released for publication. For example, patients who undergo IVF in December of year 1 may not deliver until August or September of Year 2.

Although we have to contact patients during year 2, it may take time for patients to get back to us with the results of their pregnancies. We then have to compile our results and forward them onto SART and the CDC. By the time SART and the CDC finish compiling all of the results for Year 1 for all of the clinics in the United States, the results are typically not published in Fertility and Sterility and in the Federal Register until early in Year 3.

Click here to view TFC success rates at Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Some clinics have chosen to not be members of SART and do not provide their data to SART, but all clinics must send their results to the CDC. TFC’s Austin Fertility Center & San Antonio Fertility Center are members of SART and we, therefore, provide our outcome data to them for review and publication.

Texas Fertility Center (Reporting Year 2020)


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The data above represents cycles for all IVF patients. SART does not allow member clinics to show separate data for patients who underwent preimplantation genetic testing with IVF. PGT significantly increases live birth rates per embryo transfer for all patient age groups.

Required by the SART marketing committee: “A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entry criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.”