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IVF Monitoring

Increase your odds of having a healthy baby with IVF monitoring

While you take ovarian stimulation medications during your IVF cycle, you’ll regularly visit Texas Fertility Center (TFC) for IVF monitoring. These appointments are important because they allow our Austin IVF center team to see how your egg-containing follicles are developing. Monitoring also allows your doctor to determine whether he or she needs to make any changes to your medication dosage. Doing so increases your odds of experiencing IVF success and welcoming a baby.

You’ll attend multiple appointments for IVF monitoring

At our Austin IVF center, we offer monitoring appointments in the morning. You’ll visit our team several times for monitoring during the ovarian stimulation phase. Typically, each appointment will involve bloodwork and an ultrasound.

Our team will take bloodwork to measure your estrogen level. As your eggs grow and mature, your estrogen level will increase. As for the transvaginal ultrasounds, they allow your doctor to measure each follicle and the thickness of your uterine lining. Both should be increasing as part of ovarian stimulation.

You can expect your nurse to call you after your appointment to discuss the findings of your IVF monitoring. She’ll explain how your cycle is progressing and outline any medication changes. Additionally, your nurse will tell you when to come back for your next monitoring appointment. This phone call is the perfect time to ask any questions about your medication, cycle or test results.

These appointments help ensure IVF success for our patients

Our Austin IVF center strives to make each IVF cycle as safe and successful as possible. Because each patient will respond differently to ovarian stimulation medications, it’s important to monitor your progress and response. Doing so allows us to determine whether you should increase or decrease your medication dosage or remain the same.

The goal of ovarian stimulation is to produce multiple eggs, without overstimulating the ovaries. IVF monitoring can help our doctors prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which can occur when a woman’s medication dosage is too high. By attending regular monitoring appointments, the TFC team is able to prevent OHSS and improve IVF success rates for our patients.

If you want more information about IVF and other fertility treatments, contact us for an appointment. The TFC team looks forward to helping you grow your family.