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Enroll in a Fertility Study

Patients can enroll in a fertility study with our Austin fertility center

Texas Fertility Center is a leader in fertility research in the United States and abroad. Our fertility specialists, IVF lab director, and embryologists regularly lead and participate in fertility studies to develop and evaluate new fertility treatments, IVF protocols and medications. The primary goal of a fertility study is to establish that new treatments are both safe and effective.

Each fertility study at our Austin fertility center provides valuable data that can be used to improve fertility treatments and patient care now and in the future. The fertility studies we participate in at Texas Fertility Center and our partner IVF lab, Ovation® Fertility, involve promising new fertility treatments that we hope will directly benefit our patients.

Our Austin fertility center directs many clinical studies, and patient safety always comes first in each fertility study

Our Austin fertility center offers many different types of fertility studies. Some evaluate new surgical techniques or instruments, while others evaluate novel ways of administering established medications. Others evaluate entirely new-to-market medications or lab techniques and protocols.

When medical device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies develop new fertility treatments, the treatment must first be evaluated in controlled laboratory environments and then tested in animal studies. Following the successful completion of these studies, these new products are ready for human trials.

Patient safety is key at our Austin fertility center. To promote patient safety and produce reliable results, our team of fertility specialists and researchers follows strict scientific protocols and rules that are monitored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are held to the highest standards by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Enrolling in a fertility study at our Austin fertility center has many benefits

A fertility study can allow you to help other fertility patients while giving you access to the latest fertility treatments under the supervision of our Austin fertility center physicians. Some patients may even receive discounted or free access to the treatment being investigated as part of the fertility study.

To learn more, contact our Texas Fertility Center research coordinator.


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Juveena Clinical Study Video