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Outside Patient Monitoring

Providing outside patient monitoring in our Austin fertility clinic for IVF, IUI and donor cycles

Types of monitoring:

If you are seeing a physician at a facility outside of San Antonio or Austin, and your physician would like for Texas Fertility Center to monitor your progress, we will be more than happy to do so. In order to make this happen, your physician will need to submit a written order to our office telling us exactly what they would like for us to do. Once this order has been obtained you may contact the Monitoring Department at Texas Fertility Center to schedule your appointment. You will need to complete the following forms and fax them to our Monitoring Department at (512) 610-7485 prior to scheduling your appointment. If you need monitoring for a donor or gestational carrier cycle please visit the Donor Program section of our website.

In order to accommodate the needs and requests of our patients, Texas Fertility Center is enrolled in several managed healthcare plans.  We will be happy to file all claims for covered services rendered if we are contracted with your insurance company.  Knowing what your policy covers before seeing a physician or beginning treatment can be very beneficial.  An Insurance Benefit Questionnaire is available on our website to aid you in determining what is covered by your insurance.

For more information please contact our Monitor Department
Phone (512)451-0149  option #7
Fax (512)610-7485

To schedule your appointment at our San Antonio location, please call (210)370-3800.  The written order from your physician will need to be faxed to (210)370-3005.

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