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Managing Fertility Treatment

The TFC team can help you and your partner with managing fertility treatment

When it comes to managing fertility treatment, our Austin infertility doctors recommend thinking about where you are now and what the future looks like. Start by acknowledging that you and your partner both want to be parents. Then ask what you are willing to do to make this happen.

You and your partner should discuss and answer several questions.

  • What treatments and testing are you willing to undergo?
  • What are your family-building goals?
  • What is your current and future financial position?
  • What are you both willing to sacrifice to become parents?
  • Are you willing to modify your life to focus on fertility treatment?
  • Is your main goal to be biological parents, or is it to have a child join your family?

Be truthful with each other. As individuals, you may have different answers to these questions. Working out your differences now to form a plan will help decrease stress.

Deciding on fertility treatment with your Austin infertility doctor and your partner

Our Austin infertility doctors don’t think of managing fertility treatment as just a science. It’s ART. It’s rare to uncover the problem with one test and fix it with one treatment. Infertility can have multiple hidden causes that require creative solutions, as well as trial and error.

Uncertainty can increase your anxiety. However, selecting a fertility doctor that you feel comfortable with can help. After selecting your doctor, you’ll want to communicate your decisions about testing and treatment with them. Be assertive in stating what you do and don’t want. You have the right to make your own decisions about treatment.

As your treatment plan changes, be open to new ideas. You should discuss the pros and cons of each change with your doctor. After each appointment, talk to your partner about whether you are willing to modify your treatment plan.

Get your financial house in order as part of managing fertility treatment

It’s important to be realistic about the expenses you may incur and to map out a plan for funding your treatment. Schedule a time to sit down as a couple to consider the following points.

  • How much will your insurance cover? Our insurance benefit questionnaire can help you get answers about your infertility coverage.
  • What is included in your treatment cost? Our billing department can provide you with the costs associated with any treatment cycle.
  • How much money will you spend? Communicate with your partner about the costs associated with a fertility treatment cycle and create a plan for any future cycles.

Our financial office staff is available to answer your questions and offer counsel. We may be able to suggest organizations that offer grants and loans. Our team can give you an estimate of costs, including consultations, tests, medications and procedures.

Devise a backup plan

Most of our patients do conceive, but there may be a time when you redefine what it looks like to be a parent. As part of managing fertility treatments, you may want to decide now what your limits are, and how long and how much you will commit to infertility treatment.

You and your partner may also want to consider the following questions.

  • Would you consider donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryos?
  • Are you going to focus on conception exclusively, or would you also pursue family building through adoption?

Your answer may change as the journey continues, but your goal will remain the same – to bring home a healthy baby. It’s important to remember that you and your partner are in control. Our Austin fertility doctors can advise you and offer treatment options, but you have the power to determine the extent and duration of your treatment.

To learn more about managing fertility treatments, please contact our Austin infertility doctors. We put the patient in control of the family-building process.

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