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Fresh Donor Eggs

Fresh donor eggs and IVF can help couples facing female infertility

Learning you need donor eggs to conceive isn’t the end of your family-building journey. It’s only the beginning. Many women and men rely on this third party option to welcome the children they have always wanted. Our Austin fertility doctors hold each patient’s hand as they go through each step of the life-changing process of using fresh donor eggs.

Who can benefit from fresh donor eggs?

Our Austin fertility doctors use fresh donor eggs to help patients who may be struggling to conceive for any number of reasons.

  • Poor response to ovarian stimulation medication
  • Diminished ovarian reserve (egg supply) due to age or other factors
  • Inheritable genetic conditions

Donor eggs can also help gay couples and single men welcome a child who shares a biological connection with them.

How does egg donation start?

When exploring egg donation, patients will find there are two types of donors. The first is a known donor, which is a woman who the parents know the identity of. The second is an anonymous donor. The parents will know information about her appearance, health, personality, education and interests. However, they will not know her identity. The donors in our in-house egg donor program are anonymous.

Before beginning treatment with fresh donor eggs, all parties must undergo medical, psychological and legal counseling. The donors at our Austin fertility center undergo a rigorous pre-screening process for genetic, psychological, reproductive and physical health. We also exclude donors who have a history of smoking, alcohol, and/or drug use.

What is the fresh egg donation process like?

After selecting an egg donor, the process will proceed much like an IVF cycle. The main difference is that the donor will undergo ovulation induction and egg retrieval. While this occurs, the woman who will carry the pregnancy will receive medications to prepare her uterus for embryo implantation.

Once one of our Austin fertility doctors retrieves the fresh donor eggs, our laboratory will fertilize them with sperm from the intended father or a donor. The resulting embryos will develop in the IVF laboratory for a few days. The doctor will then transfer one of the healthiest embryos to the female patient or the gestational carrier. Our laboratory can freeze the remaining embryos for future pregnancy attempts. Following the embryo transfer, the woman will continue hormonal support until we perform a pregnancy test.

To learn more about conceiving using fresh donor eggs, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our Austin fertility doctors look forward to guiding you on this journey.

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