Fertility Stories

Strayhorn Struggle with Fertility – Katie’s Story

A long struggle with fertility issues 1,697 days and counting! That is how long my husband, David, and I have been on our fertility journey. Sadly, it has often seemed like an endless and futile process. Gifted with a strong maternal instinct, I have dreamed of becoming a mom for as long as I can  

Cynthia’s Journey to Overcome Infertility

The start of a journey to overcome infertility Cynthia’s fertility journey began eight years ago. “I started when I was 35 years old. I was single, but I had a home and an established career, so I decided it was time to start a family,” she remembers. At the time, the thought that it would  

Taking Control with Egg Freezing

Thinking about future fertility and considering egg freezing

Thinking about future fertility and considering egg freezing Emily is an intelligent and driven woman with a thriving career. She always knew that she wanted to be a mother, but she wanted to do it when it was right for her. “I’ve always wanted to have children, but I wanted to do it on my  

Why Advocacy Day – Erin’s Story

Introducing the 2018 Advocacy Day grant recipient Our Austin fertility center is proud to share the fertility story of our 2018 Advocacy Day grant recipient. Erin shares her story and why Advocacy Day matters. The road to Advocacy Day and the start of my story My name is Erin Nicole Steward. I’m a 36-year-old elementary  

Two Babies after a Diagnosis of Endometriosis and Infertility

Starting the journey to overcome endometriosis and infertility

Starting the journey to overcome endometriosis and infertility “It all started 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with endometriosis,” Hannah remembers. She wasn’t worried about endometriosis and infertility at first. After all, her mother had the condition and she had two children before she had a hysterectomy at age 40. When she started having  

Fertility Success at 41

Like a lot of women, I thought I had time to start a family. I thought it was something I would get around to eventually. And then eventually happened. I married later in life (by some standards) and by 38 my husband and I were ready to try. We didn’t feel too old to have  

Achieving Motherhood with Fertility Medications

TFC Patient Story - Achieving Motherhood with Fertility Medications

Fertility medications helped Melissa and BJ become parents Melissa wanted to be a mother since she was five years old. However, she and her husband BJ were struggling to conceive. According to Melissa, “We weren’t able to have kids on our own. We had two separate friends who went to Texas Fertility Center, and they  

Secondary Infertility

Stephanie persisted to overcome secondary infertility

Stephanie persisted to overcome secondary infertility Brittany is 21 and Brooklyn is two. Nearly two decades passed before new mom, Stephanie, tried for baby number two. After many disappointing years, she and her husband realized that pregnancy wouldn’t be as easy to achieve the second time around. An obgyn discovered endometriosis during minimally invasive surgery  

Fertility Success with IUI

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility Center For Elizabeth and her husband Paul, the journey to build a family through IUI at Texas Fertility Center started after a pregnancy loss. According to Elizabeth, “In February of 2010, we lost our first baby. The pregnancy was a surprise because we weren’t trying,  

IVF and Acupuncture

PGD for

Austin couple takes an innovative, integrated approach with IVF and acupuncture Melissa met Andrew after she graduated from the University of Texas with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They married and planned to have a family, but encountered setbacks and challenges along their journey, including recurrent miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, an emergency C-section and low