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Conceiving with IVF after Fallopian Tube Removal

Emily and Jack knew they would need IVF after fallopian tube removal

Emily and Jack knew they would need IVF after fallopian tube removalThe road to bring home a baby was a long one for Emily and Jack, which started after Emily had her fallopian tubes removed. Before the couple came to our Austin fertility center for IVF after fallopian tube removal, they went through several rounds of in vitro fertilization at another clinic. “We were ready to try somewhere else, so we made an appointment at Texas Fertility Center and took our last frozen embryo there,” Emily recalls.

The couple worked with Thomas Vaughn MD and he transferred their last frozen embryo from their previous fertility clinic. After the transfer, Emily and Jack still didn’t conceive, but they didn’t give up hope. “We stayed with Dr. Vaughn because we had faith in him. He’s so experienced and he’s a leader in the field, so it gave us confidence,” she explains.

Taking the next steps to conceive with IVF after fallopian tube removal

Emily and Jack knew they would need IVF after fallopian tube removalThe couple continued with IVF after fallopian tube removal and they did a few more fresh and frozen IVF cycles. During their last frozen cycle, the couple opted to use a then-new reproductive technology called preimplantation genetic testing. “We were doing IVF for so long that we got to watch the field develop. When they said genetic testing was an option for our embryos, we went for it,” Emily says.

The team at our Austin fertility center used this testing to get a deeper look at the chromosomes in each embryo. Using this information, they could select the best embryo to transfer.

This testing made all the difference because the couple conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they named Jadalynn. Emily jokes that Jack wanted to name her Elsa after the character from the movie “Frozen” because she had been frozen for two years before the transfer.

The couple is overjoyed to be the parents of their three-year-old daughter. “I love watching her play and learn. I’m grateful for the little things and I’m so thankful that we have her,” Emily gushes.

A wealth of advice for other hopeful parents

Emily and Jack knew they would need IVF after fallopian tube removalEmily and Jack spent 13 years trying to conceive and they gained a wealth of wisdom along the way. According to Emily, “You experience so many emotions when you go through infertility. You feel shame and like less of a woman when you can’t get pregnant because girls are programmed from such a young age to be caregivers. You feel afraid and overwhelmed when you’re getting a diagnosis and going through fertility treatments. All of these feelings are normal.”

Emily recommends that hopeful parents find support and someone to talk to as they go through the process. She also wants women and men to remember to have faith and know that they can trust the doctors and the process at our Austin fertility center. “We were in good hands with Dr. Vaughn and his team. They’re leaders in the field and we knew we could trust them.”

If you’re facing infertility and want to learn more about treatment options like IVF after fallopian tube removal, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our team is here to help.

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