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How One Couple Overcame Infertility Due To Age

This couple’s story shows it’s possible to overcome infertility due to age and other factors

This couple’s story shows it’s possible to overcome infertility due to age and other factorsCarietha and Dramone are the proud parents of little Symone, but the journey to welcome this bundle of joy wasn’t easy. After having a “less than stellar experience” with another fertility practice outside of Texas, Carietha’s OBGYN recommended that they visit Susan Hudson MD at Texas Fertility Center. Dr. Hudson helped the couple overcome infertility due to age, sperm count and a polyp.

Their journey with our New Braunfels fertility center started when Carietha went for her annual exam with her OBGYN. “We’d been diagnosed with infertility four years before, and my OBGYN said, ‘You’re going to be 35 this year, so you need to start thinking about fertility treatments if you want to have a baby,’” Carietha recalls.

Before the couple moved to Texas, they visited a fertility doctor, but it wasn’t a great experience. Thankfully, they were willing to try again when Carietha’s OBGYN recommended Dr. Hudson.

Dr. Hudson helped the couple overcome infertility due to age

From the first appointment at our New Braunfels fertility center, Carietha and Dramone knew they were in the right place. “We felt comfortable as soon as we got there,” Carietha says. “I was surprised how quickly we were able to start treatment.”

After undergoing diagnostic testing, Dr. Hudson determined that the couple had less than a 1% chance of conceiving on their own. This was because they were facing infertility due to age, a low sperm count and a polyp.

To start the treatment process, Carietha had a procedure to remove the polyp. Dr. Hudson then recommended the couple pursue intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). At that point, it was October, and the couple decided to put treatment on hold for the holidays.

This couple’s story shows it’s possible to overcome infertility due to age and other factorsIn the new year, they called the office to get started with IVF. According to Carietha, “We did IUI with our previous doctor, and it didn’t work. We decided to improve our odds of conceiving from the start by going with IVF.”

Carietha described the IVF process as “intense” and “more emotional than expected.” However, she was grateful to have Dr. Hudson by her side. “I loved that Dr. Hudson tailored everything to help us have a baby,” she explains.

After one cycle of IVF, the couple found that they were expecting. “It was a dream come true,” Carietha says. “The waiting was hard, but we always believed it was going to work, and we continued to pray every step of the way.”

Reflecting on the journey and providing advice for others

Today, Carietha and Dramone have their little miracle, Symone, and they want to share advice with other people who are facing infertility now.

“It’s important to have an open mind. After our first experience with a fertility doctor, we were reluctant to see another one and reluctant to even consider IVF,” Carietha says. “We’re thankful that God sent an angel at the right moment to talk to us about IVF and shift our perspective.”

Carietha also wants to remind people to keep living life while going through fertility treatment. “Lots of people get so focused on treatment that they lose themselves or their marriage. Remember you have a life outside of desiring to have a baby,” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with committing to treatment, but you want to still focus on your wellbeing and relationships.”

Finally, Carietha wants everyone who is struggling with infertility to consider Texas Fertility Center. “TFC is a place where everyone you encounter is a part of your journey, and they’re hoping for the best for you and working to make it happen.”

If you would like to make an appointment at our New Braunfels fertility center, please contact us. We look forward to helping you with your own fertility story.

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