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The History of Texas Fertility Center

The history of Texas Fertility Center extends back to 1980

We are proud of the history of Texas Fertility Center. The physicians at our clinic have been providing comprehensive fertility services for over four decades. These services include minimally invasive surgical procedures, ovulation induction, controlled ovarian superovulation with intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Thanks to our team’s knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, we have helped bring more than 25,000 babies into the world.

TFC works closely with Ovation® Fertility, an IVF services company that manages the IVF and andrology labs that support our practice. In addition to providing all the complex laboratory procedures for in vitro fertilization, Ovation provides detailed evaluation of sperm and anti-sperm antibody testing, as well as the preparation of sperm for IUI.

A closer look at the history of Texas Fertility Center

Our IVF program has a long and distinguished history of helping patients become parents. The Texas Fertility Center team performed the first egg retrieval procedure in Austin at St. David’s in 1984. For the next few years, our Austin fertility center focused on in vitro fertilization. Then, in 1989, our program expanded to include embryo freezing.

The TFC program continued to steadily grow over the years. To support our growth, our Austin fertility doctors purchased the IVF laboratory in 2004 and began to call it Austin IVF. This change in ownership allowed our program to begin offering donor eggs, donor sperm, gestational surrogacy and egg freezing. To provide these services, we purchased new equipment, hired more embryologists and support personnel, and acquired more laboratory space.

Austin IVF moved to its current location on North Mopac in the fall of 2006. Then, Austin IVF became Ovation® Fertility Austin in 2015. This made it one of the first laboratories to become part of Ovation Fertility. Today, Ovation is one of America’s leading IVF lab services companies, operating multiple IVF laboratories nationwide.

We’re proud of our legacy and look forward to the future

What started as a program that did less than 100 IVF cycles per year grew to more than 600 cycles in 2008. Our clinic plans to continue our growth in the years to come so that we can serve even more patients around Texas, the United States and the world.

You can find TFC physicians in Austin, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels and San Antonio. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn how the history of Texas Fertility Center can help make parenthood possible for you.