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Donor Sperm IVF for Lesbians

Donor sperm IVF for lesbians helps make motherhood possible for many women

The team at Texas Fertility Center proudly provides world-class Austin LGBTQ fertility care. We believe that all patients deserve access to the fertility treatments they need to start or grow their families. One of the most effective options for same-sex female couples is donor sperm IVF for lesbians. This process involves several steps that are designed to help patients bring home a healthy baby.

What happens before pursuing donor sperm IVF for lesbians?

Same-sex female couples who are interested in IVF with donor sperm will start the process by meeting with one of our doctors. Each of our Austin LGBTQ fertility doctors is well-versed in the treatments that help patients share a biological connection with their children.

During the first appointment, the doctor will take each patient’s medical history, perform a physical examination and order diagnostic testing like bloodwork and an ultrasound. This information helps our team determine which partner is best suited to provide her eggs and carry the pregnancy. The physician will also talk to the patients to find out whether they have specific preferences regarding which partner plays what role in the family-building process.

After collecting this information and reviewing the test results, the doctor can design a customized plan that involves sperm donation and in vitro fertilization.

How does IVF with donor sperm work?

Donor sperm IVF for lesbians starts with ovarian stimulation. This process requires the patient to take injectable fertility medications to stimulate egg development. She will have an outpatient egg retrieval procedure when her eggs reach maturity.

The eggs will then move to the IVF laboratory. Then, an embryologist will fertilize them with sperm from the patient’s chosen sperm donor. The donor can be someone the patients know or an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. Once the fertilized eggs develop into embryos, the patients can opt to have preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) performed on their embryos after fertilization.

Finally, one of our Austin LGBTQ fertility specialists will transfer a high-quality embryo, as determined by PGT or embryo grading, into the patient’s uterus. About two weeks later, the patient will return for a pregnancy test before hopefully celebrating a positive result.

If you and your partner would like to learn more about donor sperm IVF for lesbians, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our caring team of fertility experts is here to answer all your questions about the different family-building options.