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Treatment Options for Same-Sex Male Couples

We offer comprehensive treatment options for same-sex male couples

Our Austin fertility clinic provides effective treatment options for same-sex male couples, helping to ensure that all hopeful parents receive the support they deserve in growing their family. We help same-sex male couples develop a complete understanding of their treatment options, and work with them to select the treatment plan that best suits their needs and finances.

Treatment options for same-sex male couples

Because of the unique physical circumstances that come along with family building options for same-sex male couples, our Austin fertility clinic offers a combination of egg donation and gestational carriers.

  • Egg donation. One of the required treatment options for same-sex male couples is egg donation. We can help connect hopeful fathers with high-quality and carefully screened egg donors. All donors undergo extensive genetic, physical and psychological testing to ensure they can provide healthy eggs.As hopeful fathers go through the process of selecting an egg donor, they will be able to view photos of the donors, in addition to information regarding their personal and family medical history, education, interests and more. We support hopeful fathers through every step of the selection process, helping them find their ideal donor.
  • Gestational carriers. As hopeful fathers explore the treatment options for same-sex male couples, they need to be aware that a gestational carrier will be required. A gestational carrier is the generous woman who will carry the pregnancy to term. All gestational carriers must meet numerous requirements. The team at our Austin fertility clinic will also monitor the woman closely, starting before conception.Gestational carriers will take various medications to prepare their uterus for the transfer of the embryo that has been fertilized by the sperm from one of the male partners. She will then maintain regular contact with the hopeful fathers through the entirety of the pregnancy to ensure they feel connected to the process.An important consideration for hopeful fathers looking into treatment options for same-sex male couples is that Texas law only supports the use of a gestational carrier for married couples.   Therefore, obtaining counsel from a knowledgeable family lawyer is very important for couples pursuing these options. The knowledgeable staff at our Austin fertility clinic can explain more about this requirement.

We offer continuous support on your journey to fatherhood

It’s our great honor to expand the family building options of same-sex male couples beyond adoption. By using a combination of experienced fertility specialists, leading-edge assisted reproductive technology, and high-quality egg donors and gestational carriers, our Austin fertility clinic provides hopeful fathers with the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

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