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Donor Eggs for Gay Men

Discover how surrogacy and donor eggs for gay men make fatherhood possible

Texas Fertility Center is a destination for patients seeking LGBTQ fertility care. As a result, when a same-sex male couple or a single man wants to have a biological child, our team is happy to help. We offer highly effective treatments that help men bring home a healthy baby. Due to the lack of a uterus and ovaries, an Austin fertility specialist at TFC will recommend surrogacy and donor eggs for gay men.

What do you need to know about surrogacy and donor eggs for gay men?

During your first appointment with your Austin fertility specialist, you will discuss your medical background and family-building goals. If you have a partner, this will involve talking about who would like to provide the sperm for the pregnancy. This man will need to undergo a semen analysis to ensure that his sperm are healthy and able to fertilize an egg.

The next step is selecting the generous women who will help you on your path to parenthood. You will need to decide on an egg donor who will provide her eggs for the pregnancy. It’s also necessary to pick a gestational surrogate. This woman will carry the pregnancy and deliver the baby.

We have an egg donation program at our fertility clinic, and we can also connect you with other egg donation programs. You will be able to view the donors in a database and learn more about everything from their appearance to their education and personality.

Once you select a donor, you will receive her eggs. To provide her eggs, the donor will take fertility medications to stimulate her ovaries. She will then undergo a short outpatient procedure to retrieve her eggs. If you decide to use frozen donor eggs for gay men, the donor will have typically already gone through this process.

Embryologists in the IVF laboratory will then fertilize the eggs with sperm from you or your partner. They will monitor the fertilized eggs as they grow into embryos. An embryo is what your Austin fertility specialist will transfer to the uterus of your gestational surrogate.

We’re here to help your dreams of parenthood come true

The team at TFC understands that family-building options for gay men can seem overwhelming, so we strive to support our patients every step of the way. From egg donor selection to the embryo transfer with your surrogate, we are here to guide you and answer all your questions on your path to bring home a baby.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about surrogacy and donor eggs for gay men.