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Endometriosis and Pain

Endometriosis and pain often go together

Our Austin endometriosis experts believe that endometriosis and pain frequently occur together. In fact, the most common symptoms of endometriosis are dysmenorrhea (pain with periods), dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) and general pelvic pain.

The facts about endometriosis and pain during menstruation

Although almost all women have some sort of cramping with their periods, dysmenorrhea is more than that. It is pain that is not completely relieved with the usual treatments of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, including Advil, Aleve or ibuprofen.

Many women with endometriosis tell our Austin endometriosis experts that their pain and cramping starts a couple of days before their period and lessens or goes away once their flow peaks. Other women describe pain that coincides with menstrual bleeding. This pain can be so severe that it interferes with their ability to work or go to school for several days out of the month.

The basics of endometriosis and pain during sexual intercourse.

Our Austin endometriosis experts find that endometriosis can cause significant pain with sex. This pain usually occurs with deep penetration. Most women with endometriosis-related dyspareunia describe pain that may be sharp or dull, and it is often most severe near the end of the monthly cycle, just before or during menstrual bleeding. Sometimes the pain is also severe in the middle of the cycle, around the time of ovulation.

The pain is often positional, and many women recognize that certain sexual positions that they may have enjoyed in the past are now problematic. Usually positions in which the woman can control the depth of vaginal penetration are the least bothersome, whereas others may become off limits. Some women say that the pain is related to the angle of penetration, frequently being most severe when the penis is directed either toward the bladder or the rectum.

Due to the pain of endometriosis, some women may have trouble enjoying orgasm. Part of the pleasurable sensation of an orgasm is mild contraction of the uterus. For women with endometriosis, that uterine contraction may cause unbearable pain. This unfortunate condition can lead women to avoid sex altogether, leading to feelings of inadequacy and creating a strain on relationships.

Treating endometriosis and pain

All of these symptoms are treatable, so it is important to accurately diagnose and treat endometriosis. If medical treatment fails, our Austin fertility surgeons can perform a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove endometrial implants and scar tissue. Our surgeons are specially trained in the performance of these procedures, so they can treat the causes of endometriosis and pain, while still preserving your fertility.

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