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Promoting Natural Conception


Texas Fertility Center offers tips for promoting natural conception

Our Austin fertility doctors know that conceiving naturally is important to many men and women. While some people will need help from fertility treatments, others can welcome a baby by promoting natural conception. Making simple lifestyle changes can help optimize your natural fertility to make parenthood possible.

Our advice for promoting natural conception involves adopting a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Allison Petrini Discusses Natural Conception

Your general health influences your reproductive health. As a result, our Austin fertility doctors recommend making healthy lifestyle choices if conceiving naturally is your goal.

Eat a healthy diet. There’s some truth to the saying, “You are what you eat.” You can make some simple dietary changes to improve your odds of conceiving naturally. You should cook with healthy oils like olive oil. You should also eat a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and protein. We also recommend taking a daily prenatal vitamin one to three months before trying to conceive.

Have a healthy BMI. Being just 10% underweight or overweight can interfere with both male and female fertility. Thankfully, overweight patients can often improve their fertility by just losing a small amount of weight. You can accomplish this by eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise.

Avoid certain substances. Smoking, using illicit substances and drinking excessively can cause fertility issues in men and women. Avoiding cigarettes and illicit substances and only drinking in moderation can help with promoting natural conception.

We offer fertility treatments if conceiving naturally isn’t possible

Sometimes, even people who live the healthiest lifestyles still face infertility. This is when our Austin fertility doctors can help. We offer diagnostic testing that can provide an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, our team provides fertility treatments that range from the basic to the advanced. With our support, parenthood is possible even when natural conception isn’t.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about promoting natural conception or if you’d like to start your fertility treatment journey. We look forward to helping you welcome a bundle of joy.

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