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IUI for Male Infertility

Medical treatment options for male infertility – intrauterine insemination or IUI

In most cases of male factor infertility, there is neither a hormonal nor an anatomic abnormality. These cases are then treated with either IUI or IVF.

In the event that the semen analysis is reasonable, we will frequently recommend IUI. Although IUI pregnancy rates are greatest when we can inseminate at least 10 million motile sperm, we have had many pregnancies in couples in whom we have inseminated only 3-5 million motile sperm – or less.

The IUI procedure is simple, and it can be performed in either natural or stimulated cycles.

Typically we perform a single IUI the day after an LH surge in natural and clomiphene stimulated cycles. Based on research performed by our physicians, we perform two IUIs (one on each of the two consecutive days following an Ovidrel injection) in cycles stimulated with gonadotropins.

If the sperm specimen yields less than 10 million motile sperm, we will usually discuss IVF for male factor infertility.