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Fertility Preservation

Texas Fertility Center offers patients a wealth of fertility preservation options

Our Austin fertility center uses the latest, proven reproductive technology to bring our patients leading-edge fertility preservation techniques. Women and men have access to more options than ever before with egg, sperm and embryo freezing. Each patient wants to preserve their fertility for a different reason, but each one shares the same desire to have a child at a later date.

Egg freezing is a popular form of fertility preservation

Thanks to new advances in egg freezing techniques, this type of fertility preservation is a viable option for more women. The team at our Austin fertility center recommends egg freezing for women in their 20s and 30s because egg quality and quantity decrease with age. By freezing eggs earlier in life, women have a better chance of achieving pregnancy with these eggs later.

Egg freezing is a wonderful option for a number of women.

  • Women who are facing fertility-damaging treatments. Certain medical treatments for cancer and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease can damage fertility. For these women, egg freezing can be a viable option to preserve eggs for future use.
  • Patients who are at-risk for early menopause. Women who have a family history of early menopause (before age 40) may want to consider egg freezing to preserve their fertility.
  • Women who want to delay motherhood for any reason. Whether a woman is focusing on her education and career or looking for the right partner, egg freezing can allow her to delay motherhood until she is ready. Egg freezing is also an excellent option for women who want to preserve their eggs before military deployment.

Other types of fertility preservation include sperm and embryo freezing

Our Austin fertility center also offers sperm and embryo freezing as forms of fertility preservation. We believe in giving our patients access to all of the available options to preserve their re-productive potential.

Men may want to preserve their sperm if they are facing fertility-damaging medical treatments or preparing for military deployment. They may also consider freezing their sperm before a vasectomy, in case they change their mind and want children after their procedure.

Embryo freezing is an excellent option for couples who want children, but may face barriers to conception in the future. Our Austin fertility center also recommends this fertility preservation option for couples who get multiple healthy embryos from an IVF cycle.

Fertility preservation is exciting, but it is also complex. If you have any questions about your options, our fertility specialists are happy to provide helpful answers and compassionate guidance. If you are ready to learn more, contact our Austin fertility center to schedule an appointment.