Infertility Diagnosis

Our physicians offer affordable fertility care by providing the right infertility diagnosis from the start.

The team at Texas Fertility Center understands that time is of the essence when it comes to fertility treatments. You don’t want to waste time or money on ineffective treatments – and you won’t at our Austin fertility center. Our reproductive endocrinologists provide accessible, affordable fertility care by designing a targeted treatment plan to meet the distinct needs and objectives of each patient. TFC gives you the right care, right now.

Affordable fertility care is a reality at our Austin fertility center

Each patient who visits our Austin fertility center is an individual, with a unique set of needs and obstacles to overcome. While one patient may only require ovulation induction, another may need a more advanced treatment like in vitro fertilization, IVF. The key to providing effective and affordable fertility care is an accurate diagnosis from the start.

Our fertility specialists are leaders in the field of reproductive medicine. Not only do they understand the latest and most effective fertility treatments, they also collaborate with fellow physicians and the IVF lab team – and with you and your partner – to determine the cause of your infertility and its resolution.

To obtain an accurate diagnosis, your fertility specialist will take a thorough medical history and perform diagnostic tests for both female and male infertility.

  • Blood work is a critical component of fertility testing. Our fertility specialists will test your ovarian function (AMH, estradiol and FSH) and other hormones like prolactin and TSH.
  • Genetic screening provides the opportunity to identify genetic disorders and aneuploidy. Even if you and your partner are healthy and have no family history of genetic disorders, either of you could be an unknowing carrier. Preconception screening can give you the information you need to avoid passing a genetic disorder to your child. In addition, PGS during IVF helps you avoid chromosomal imbalances that lead to miscarriage and failed IVF.
  • An ultrasound exam offers important information about the shape and size of your uterus as well as the condition of your ovaries. This internal ultrasound can also determine if you have any uterine abnormalities. Our physicians have discovered uterine septums that, left untreated, would have resulted in frustration and ongoing infertility.
  • A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a test that can determine if your fallopian tubes are open. Since an ultrasound cannot provide information about your fallopian tubes, an HSG is a very valuable diagnostic tool.
  • Semen analysis is an important test, because male issues impact about 50% of couples struggling with infertility. Semen analysis provides information about sperm count, the percentage of moving sperm, and the percentage of sperm with a normal appearance.

An accurate infertility diagnosis leads to the right fertility treatment

After you and your partner obtain an accurate diagnosis from our Austin fertility center team, your physician can begin constructing the appropriate treatment for you. The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment at the right time, keeping fertility treatments affordable and effective.

If you’d like to learn more about fertility care at Texas Fertility Center, contact us to schedule a consultation. The TFC family is excited to help you expand your own family.