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Fertility Breakfast

Is there a fertility breakfast?

The most critical diet change that will improve your response to fertility treatment may be a fertility breakfast. You should start your day with a full-fat, protein breakfast. We recommend eating it within an hour of waking.

The benefits of a fertility breakfast

To build a state of confidence. Your body expects to be fasting through the night . However, your brain needs constant fuel when you are awake. When you skip a meal, your body has to break down body tissue to supply this fuel. A fertility breakfast (followed by meals every 3-4 hours after) gives the body confidence that it can take care of itself and a rapidly growing baby. Your body will work in a build-up state rather than a break-down state.

To maintain blood sugar balance. When you skip a meal and break down body tissue, your body spikes insulin to get this fuel into the cells. A simple carbohydrate and sugar breakfast of instant oatmeal or a bagel also spikes fuel (blood sugar/glucose).

High blood sugar is very damaging to our tissues and toxic to a baby. Therefore, the body spikes insulin to quickly pull it into the cells. With time our cells become resistant to constant spikes of insulin. This results in high blood levels of glucose, but also high blood levels of insulin. Insulin is very damaging to our hormone balance and our over-all health.

  • Raises the hormone testosterone which disrupts ovulation (think PCOS).
  • Causes inflammation (the root of all degenerative disease).
  • Promotes fat storage and inhibits fat release.
  • The root of all sweet and carb cravings.

More breakfast benefits

A full-fat and protein fertility breakfast provides a slow steady rise of blood sugar with no spikes in insulin. A British study showed that those who ate an omelet for breakfast ate 40% fewer calories the rest of the day than those who ate instant oatmeal. Steady blood sugar and low insulin levels are teh key to weight loss.

Full-fat protein provides needed cholesterol and the fat-soluble vitamins A & D. Cholesterol is the precursor to our sex hormones, stress handling hormones, and anti-aging hormones. Yes, obese men with a history of heart disease may need to minimize cholesterol in their diets. For reproductive women, young children, and the elderly, cholesterol and the fat soluble vitamins A & D are vital.

Research is confirming that a couple’s health before pregnancy will have a direct effect on the health of their pregnancy and the life-long health of their child. Yet our current culture leaves the health of the parents to chance. You can change this. What will you include in your breakfast tomorrow? Consider whole eggs, butter, full-fat dairy, grass-fed animal meats and seafood.

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