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Dr. Silverberg Joins Progyny Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Silverberg is now a proud member of the Progyny medical advisory board

Texas Fertility Center and Ovation® Fertility Sponsor RESOLVE Advocacy Day GrantTexas Fertility Center has a long history of working with Progyny so that more hopeful parents can start and build their families. Our own Kaylen Silverberg MD is now a member of this innovative company’s medical advisory board. This is big news both for our Austin fertility doctor and anyone who is trying to overcome infertility.

What is Progyny and what does the medical advisory board do?

Progyny is a company that’s focused on helping men and women enjoy fertility and family-building benefits. It accomplishes this goal by partnering with physicians, companies and employees. Using a data-driven model, the organization strives to help patients enjoy superior clinical outcomes and cost savings on the path to parenthood in several ways.

  • Employing a benefits model that allows patients to access fertility care without worrying about their benefits running out in the middle of treatment.
  • Working with world-class fertility specialists helps promote successful outcomes and minimizes the high costs associated with multiple births. This allows employers to save on treatment costs while offering coverage to their employees.
  • The focus on exceptional fertility care and outcomes helps patients have the best experience possible.

As a member of the Progyny medical advisory board, our Austin fertility doctor can offer his medical expertise and insights. Doing so will help him guide the future offerings at the company and extend benefits to even more people. This is especially important in states like Texas that don’t have mandated coverage.

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