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Is Your Egg Timer Buzzing?

It may be time to find hope with egg freezing

Infertility Awareness in Austin TXKnowing how long you could conceive used to be nearly impossible. Creeping up on a 40th birthday or noticing subtle warning signs might have tipped you off. But until you started TTC, your fertility potential was like a French soufflé. However, you can find hope with egg freezing.

Egg freezing is getting buzz, for a reason

You must pay attention to your biological clock. A healthy baby girl is born with the right ingredients for robust reproductive potential. She will have around 300,000-500,000 eggs at puberty and a good chance for getting pregnant through her 20s and early 30s. However, fertility specialists are setting a timer, reminding women not to wait until it’s too late to start a family.

“By age 40, most women have already gone through 99.9% of their eggs,” says Dr. Kaylen Silverberg in an August 2016 article, “Freeze, But Only If You Want To,” by Taylor Freetage for Austin Fit Magazine.

Age is a primary cause of female infertility. However, other problems can interfere with the quality and quantity of eggs that a woman has left. Cancer treatments and premature menopause may close a woman’s window of opportunity.

ORT you glad you came to see us?

Ovarian reserve testing, ORT, gives women a clearer picture of the quantity of eggs remaining in the ovaries so they will know when to get serious about getting pregnant or to consider elective egg freezing as a safety net.

If the blood test results come back with cause for concern, our Austin fertility specialists can help with a proactive plan. The process is similar to traditional IVF, with carefully monitored egg stimulation and an in-office egg retrieval. A new freezing technique keeps collected eggs in a glass-like state until you feel ready to use IVF to become a mom.

Egg freezing, while not a guarantee, is an option for women to take now to have a bun (or soufflé) in the oven later. Contact our Austin fertility specialists to learn more.

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