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Fox7 Austin Interviews TFC about Ovarian Reserve Testing

Learn more about ovarian reserve testing from our Austin fertility specialist

oar testing in austin Look for Texas Fertility Center on Fox7 Austin! On Sunday, July 30, Ann Wyatt Little of Fox7 Austin interviewed our Austin fertility specialist, Lisa Hansard, M.D., about ovarian reserve testing. This blood test can give you and your physician important information about your egg supply – before you even try to get pregnant.

During the interview, Dr. Hansard explained how ovarian reserve testing works and who can benefit from it. She also announced that TFC is offering the Ovarian Assessment Report (OAR), the most accurate assessment of a woman’s egg supply, for free during the month of August.

To see the interview, please click here. You can also contact our Austin fertility center to schedule a consultation and learn how to get the OAR at no cost to you.

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